Sunday, October 5, 2014

Changes to Reading is My Treasure (Giveaway Policy and Commenting Back)

I'm making a few changes to my blog! One is one I've been wanting to implement for awhile and the other may make me feel less guilty (and free up some time). I'm making this official announcement just to let you know what's going on.

Giveaway Policy - Giveaway only social media accounts won't count as entries 

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I consider giveaway accounts to be ones that tweet only premade tweets or retweet giveaway tweets and don't show interaction with other people or original tweets. I know the people behind the accounts are real, but they don't feel as real as those who actually post tweets about their day or reply to other people's tweets. I'm not very comfortable giving books away (especially if I'm personally shipping it in a package with my return address on it) who doesn't necessarily feel real.

How can you avoid being considered a giveaway account?

I don't know about other people that have this similar policy, but for me, all you have to do is actually socialize on Twitter. Occasionally responding (or just favoriting) to my questions and statements is the easiest way because I'll probably remember you doing that. Also, if you're an active book blogger that also hosts giveaways, the chances of you being considered a giveaway account (by me) is very slim.

My revised giveaway policy can be found here.

Commenting Back - I won't be trying to reply to every comment made on this blog

I've been doing for over a year now, so why the change? Well, I've been slacking on commenting badly in the last few months because of two big reasons: I comment when I'm in the mood (and that's not super often) to and it takes me a long time to write responses/comments. What's been happening lately is that when I finally get in the mood for commenting, I catch up with replies to ones on this blog and then go to the person's blog to post my own comment. However, by the time I catch up in replies, I'm not in the mood to continue commenting (or sometimes I just get through some of the replies/comments for one post before I decide to just continue later).

This has made me a really guilty blogger. I feel really bad when I don't finish my rounds or don't reply to comments on my posts, so I'm trying to figure out a way to lessen my guilt. Eliminating the idea (and pressure) that I have to reply and comment back on every single comment made on my blog seems the best way to go. I'm hoping to use that time and energy on visiting other bloggers' posts, which is the most important part of commenting back. I'm also hoping this will help my commenting mood last longer so I can get to more posts (and not just to those by bloggers who visited my blog).

(Another reason for this change: I have less time to dedicate to commenting now because I a) have homework again, b) am behind in reading, and c) have two new features (Q&A Discussions and Books Worth Staring At) to post.)

The most important thing about this change that you have to know?

If you subscribe to replies when you comment, a response is not guaranteed. I'm still going to see what you wrote, but I'm going to focus more on getting to your posts instead of worrying about how to reply to your comment.

That's all the changes for now!

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