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Q&A Discussion ~ What Is Your All Time Favorite Book and Why?

It's time for the first official Q&A Discussion! What is this? This is my new discussion feature-type post where I answer your questions! I introduced it in this post and am now working my way through the questions that were posted in the comments.

What is your all time favourite book and why?
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I think this is the hardest question somebody could ask me! There are so many amazing books out there, but I can't really call just one as my all time favorite and actually mean it (partly because my favorite of anything--books, food, music, movie, tv show--seems to change on a weekly basis). I have a hard time deciding which one I love the most. Picking one book as my favorite is impossible, so I'll share three of my all time favorites instead!

Each of these books are very special to me. Paper Towns is incredible. It has some of my favorite scenes from any book ever. I love everything about it! The main characters, the side characters, the ideas, the story, the meaning, the hilarious roadtrip. This Lullaby was my first Sarah Dessen book as well as one of my first YA contemporary romances. Remy and Dexter are one of my favorite couples! I've lost track of how many times I've reread this one. The Golden Compass was the book that sparked my love for reading. I consider it to be the one that turned me into an avid reader. I love the world in this one! The characters, too.☺

I read each of them over five years ago and have returned to the characters and stories of all three multiple times. This is a big reason why these are all time favorites of mine. I usually don't consider a book to be on my favorites list until quite awhile after I read it. (So, 2014 or even 2013 releases weren't considered for this post.) Also, if I'm able to love it the second and third time through, then I'll probably consider it a favorite!

Your turn! What is your all time favorite book (if you're like me and can't choose, then you can pick a few) and why? Is this a tough question for you to answer or it pretty easy?

Feel free to leave a question of your own for me to answer. It can be about pretty much anything (even if it isn't book related)!

EDIT: My next two Q&A Discussions are scheduled.☺
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