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Q&A Discussion ~ How Do You Request Review Copies From Publishers?

This is my new discussion feature-type post where I answer your questions! What do you want to know about me? What bookish things do you want to know my opinion on? What are some things outside of reading and blogging that you want my thoughts on? Ask me anything! (Questions may be submitted in comments on the latest Q&A Discussion post.)
How do you request review copies from publishers? What should you include in your e-mail?
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Here's my process:

First, I do my research. What book do I want to request? Which publisher is it from? Does that publisher even send out print ARCs in the first place? (Revision): Does the publisher even have print ARCs for the book you want to request? Is there a more restricted number of copies than usual? What is there email? I gather the important info, the things I need to know before requesting. Next, I draft an email. I quickly introduce myself and my blog and tell a little bit about what I do on Reading is My Treasure. I state which book I'm requesting and why. Then I include my stats: unique monthly visitors (which seems to be a really important number to include), average monthly pageviews, average unique monthly pageviews. I include how long my blog has been running, how many total followers I have, and which sites I post my reviews to (Goodreads, Amazon, B&N). Since I mostly use Twitter and Tumblr to promote my posts, I also include how many followers I have on those sites. I then list my links, give my mailing address, and thank the publisher for their time and consideration.

However, I've never gotten a print ARC from a email request before. I've sent quite a few lately, but only one has been a somewhat success (I've been told I'm on a list, but I won't consider it an approval until I actually have the ARC in my hands). So . . . I can't really be much direct help because I could be doing this requesting thing all wrong and not even know it. I can redirect you to plenty of helpful posts written by bloggers with much more experience with ARCs than I have!

Here are the five most helpful blog posts concerning physical ARC requests that I've come across.

- Ashley @ Nose Graze has a post answers the following questions in this post.
  • But how do bloggers get physical ARCs?
  • How big does my blog need to be before I can request physical ARCs?
  • How do I get in touch with publishers?
  • What do I say in the e-mail?
  • What happens now? (After sending the request)

- Jenna @ Jenna Does Books has a sample email on this post (along with some publicity contacts). 

- Octavia @ Read.Sleep.Repeat recently posted a Stop & Chat about physical ARCs. She answers questions about important factors publishers consider, when is the best time to send requests, and more. 

- Katie @ Katie's Book Blog posted "How to Get ARCs & What Not To Do!" I've been to this one quite often. 

- Giselle @ Xpresso Reads has this post about requesting ARCs. She goes over what to include in the email, what to do after you send the email, when to review, etc.

There are countless other links I could include (it's a pretty popular subject since a lot of book bloggers review books), but each of these is super helpful! 

I hope this post helps all of you with questions about ARC requests. Hopefully I'll be able to revisit this subject in the future with better advice from personal experience!

Do you request print ARCs?

Feel free to leave a question of your own for me to answer. It can be about pretty much anything (even if it isn't book related)!

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