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Q&A Discussion ~ Should Books Be Banned or Not?

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Should books be banned or not? 
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If there were any books written that was truly a danger to society and had a drastic impact where tons of people started killing others or themselves because the words in that book made them do that or where it did a lot of damage to many people in another way, then yeah, sure, I would be okay with those being banned.

But, since I can't think of a single book that had that extreme of an impact, my real answer is . . .

No. Books shouldn't be banned.

From experience, if a book is controversial enough to be challenged/banned, it's probably better than those that are never even questioned. There seems to be more truth rooted in the stories that people have tried to restrict. They're more truly representative of society and human nature and when one of them is banned from a school, library, etc., an opportunity to access those stories is restricted. It's taken away from people, which doesn't seem right to me. If someone wants to read something that has been challenged for whatever reason, that person shouldn't have restricted access just because other people (who probably have different beliefs or see things in a different way) say that book it'll have a specific impact on its reader or that it goes against certain values or whatever else. We shouldn't be told what we can and can't read because others say it shouldn't be read (which is just based on their opinion). 

Books just shouldn't be banned. And that's all I have to say.☺

Here are some banned/challenged books I found worth reading:

Here are some banned/challenged books I want to read:

Your turn! Do you think books should be banned or not? Why? What are some of your favorite banned/challenged books?

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