Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Q&A Discussion ~ What Do You Do DNF an E-ARC From Edelweiss?

This is my new discussion feature-type post where I answer your questions! What do you want to know about me? What bookish things do you want to know my opinion on? What are some things outside of reading and blogging that you want my thoughts on? Ask me anything! (Questions may be submitted in comments on the latest Q&A Discussion post.)
First of all, I have nothing against writing a DNF review. I may be a little reluctant to DNF a book sometimes (usually because I'm hoping it gets better), but when it comes to reviewing, I've become more comfortable with submitting them to publishers. They're my honest feedback based on what I read--only what I read--of the books I was given for review. I explain what I liked, what I didn't like (just like in any normal review), and include when and why I decided to DNF. Sometimes I say whether I plan to give the book another try again or not. For me, writing a DNF review is not that different from writing a starred one, so I don't treat them that much differently.

If you end up DNFing an e-ARC, I suggest writing your review and submitting it the same way you do for your other reviews. Just make sure you explain that you didn't finished the book as well as why you didn't.

Now, there is the issue of the Edelweiss "rating." Personally, I don't give ratings to books I haven't finished, so I can see how this part can be a dilemma. I click on the option that fits what I did read from the book I'm reviewing. If I DNF because I didn't like the book, it's the "No." However, if I DNF because I wasn't in the mood for it but actually liked most of what I read, then it's the "Maybe."

So, that's what I do! This isn't the only way to approach DNF reviews for e-ARCS, but it's the one that works for me. Maybe it works for other reviewers too.☺

How do you approach reviews for e-ARCs you end up DNFing?

Also, do you have any questions that you would like to see me answer in a Q&A Discussion?

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