Monday, January 12, 2015

Revisiting the Reasons Why I Love Blogging

This morning (I'm writing this on the 12th), I was in Grouchy Kaitlin mode. Then that went away quickly, but when I went to Twitter a few hours later, things felt . . . off. The book blogging community has been full of a lot of negativity lately and a lot of people seem to be unhappy with the state of our blogosphere right now. I felt really weird about why I love to blog and what I like to focus on (and I know I shouldn't be feeling that way), so I decided to write my thoughts out! This is more for me to remind me of why I'm a blogger and to help me get out of this weird mood, but some things in here may make for great discussion points.☺

Why I love blogging:

I love the community and the people inside it.

There aren’t many people I know offline (“IRL” is what most people say, but I find that odd to say since my blog is very much real) who love absolutely love reading. And those who do love reading don’t do it as often as I do or have the same taste in books as I do. I LOVE being able to connect to other readers online about books and other various things. The friends I’ve made so far make me smile on a daily basis and make me so glad that I joined this community. Without this great community, blogging wouldn’t be nearly as fun or as satisfying. It would just be . . . I don’t know, actually. I wouldn’t love it very much.

Blogging is the best way for me to express my passion for reading and my thoughts and ideas for bookish (and other) things.

I’m a pretty reserved person offline. (Online, too, but not nearly as much as off.) If I’m in a group of people or in a classroom, I’m almost always the quietest person there. I don’t speak up very often (both because I’m a bit shy and I’m just not very talkative), but I do a lot more of that with blogging. Reviews, discussions, random tweets, pictures, organization ideas--I love having outlets in order to express myself. I have a bigger voice as a blogger. 

I love the behind the scenes processes.

This includes requesting and receiving ARCs, reading and reviewing books, planning and scheduling posts, organizing events, working with publicists/publishers/authors. I love spreading the news about books and building connections. I love getting books for review purposes (I feel special receiving them) and being able to send my review off to someone. I love discovering upcoming releases and socializing with authors and learning about publishers. It’s all really super cool. And a lot of fun!

What I love to focus on (post wise):
  • Honestly reviewing upcoming releases 
  • Promoting books and authors I want more people to know about or get excited about 
  • Sharing fun lists and random posts 
  • Posting stuff that I like and that I think you'll like too
Two Things I Want to Address:

I post a lot of positive (or mostly) positive reviews. I also post negative ones, but not nearly as many. They’re completely honest and valid. I just tend to have a lot more positive things to point out than negative things. Why? I really like a lot of what I read.
ARCs and promotional aspect of blogging

I feel like this is something that a lot of people don’t like and therefore are cutting back on. It feels like a lot of people think it’s . . . a bad part of the blogging community. That’s why I’ve been feeling a little weird as a blogger lately. I guess I don’t feel the same pressure or as much stress as so many others do? I love reviewing a lot of ARCs, planning author features, and working with publicists, and I'm very happy doing that for this blog. I feel kind of alone in this, though, so I'm mentioning all this in hopes that I'm not. Am I alone?

I think that's it! I thought I was going to write more, but I don't I said the things I wanted to say the most.

And guess what? I feel less weird about all this, which is what I was aiming to accomplish.☺

Random Dean Gif Time! (Posts seem naked with just words. :D)
Another thing I love about blogging? I can be as random as I want.

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