Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's the Little Things That Make Me Happy

Okay, that's a lie because these things really aren't "little." They seem like it on paper, but their significance make them huge. These are the things that make me truly happy as a book blogger. Every day, at least one of these things puts a smile on my face and brightens my mood. 

Being on receiving end of a bookmail tweet

I've had some people tweet a picture of books they got from me and it's as good as receiving bookmail myself. It's just so exciting!

Being able to act silly and tease close blogging friends

If I joke around with you on Twitter or on comments (on either my blog or yours), that means I'm comfortable around you. It means I consider you a great blogging friend. I joke around with close friends and family members offline, so it makes me happy that I have some blogging friends I can do that with. I can show more of my personality when talking to them!

Being asked for help or advice

A lot of times, this is attached with an apology, as if the person is afraid of bothering me. You're not bothering me. I love your questions. I don't get them very often (in the blogosphere or offline), so I feel special whenever someone comes to me with a blogging question.

Reaching milestones--big and little

There's not a single milestone that I let go by unnoticed. There's follower numbers here and on social media accounts, but there are also blogger/reviewer firsts. I love it when I do/get something for the very first time, like review a book for a publisher I haven't received anything from before. 

Maintaining a longish conversation on Twitter

Okay, this one may be a little weird, but for me, it's definitely not. I'm not great at conversations. I frequently find myself having short conversation (two to maybe six tweets) after short conversations on Twitter because I . . . I just don't have much to say. I'm usually the listener in conversations, which kinda makes it tough for me to talk to people online a lot.

So, can you imagine why I love it when I am able to maintain longer conversations? It's like a little personal accomplishment whenever I do that--like a gold star.

Being followed (on Twitter) by an author I knew of/read a book by pre-blogging

It feels . . . surreal. I never even considered the possibility of interacting with those authors in the slightest back when I read their books (or considered reading them). This doesn't happen often, but it's really cool when it does!

Being complimented on a review or a post

Whenever this happens, it shows that must be doing something right! My words actually make sense

Being mentioned in a blog post

It's exciting! 

Any sort of email or mail

(Well, unless it's the rude kind. Or spam or junk mail.) It just makes me feel special! On the rare occasion that I get an email from a publicist, I'm in a cloud of happy.

There are more seemingly little things about book blogging that makes me happy, but these are the the things that have put a smile on my face recently. The non-blogging portion of my life is a bit meh right now, but these things have brightened my days and made it tough for me to have a completely sucky week.

What little things make you happy? Do you still consider them little things when they make such a big difference?

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