Friday, March 6, 2015

Commenter's Guilt

You know that feeling you get when you're behind on commenting on other blogs? You may feel guilty because this one blogger leaves SO MANY meaningful comments on your blog and you don't do nearly the same for hers (or his). You may feel like a bad blogger because you're not commenting enough. You may feel like you STILL haven't done enough after you've been reading blog posts and commenting on them for HOURS.

I feel like this all the time, and I've noticed that a lot of other bloggers feel this way often, too.

But guess what?

This is a really good thing!

Commenter's Guilt seems to be felt by the majority of the bloggers in the book blogosphere. This is just one of the MANY things that proves what a loving environment we are in. We wouldn't fel so bad about not commenting enough if we didn't care--if we didn't want to return the favor to those visiting our blogs or if we didn't want to brighten other people's days by recognizing their posts. 

I'm ALWAYS behind in commenting. I never feel like I'm commenting back or visiting my favorite blogs enough. I'm always trying to improve and comment more and leave more meaningful comments. I just really want to do MORE, but there's always time, internet connection, mood, and a huge number of blogs that get in the way. Every single time. 

Loki looks guilty, right?
My point . . . 

We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves when we feel Commenter's Guilt. Keep making an effort to leave meaningful comments when you can, but if things get in the way, or you're just not in a commenting mood once in awhile, it's totally okay. It happens to all of us. You're NOT the only one. Don't let one of the fun parts of blogging become a stressful one.

Hopefully, I can listen to my own words and feel a little less guilty about not commenting enough. Maybe this will even motivate me to become a better commenter.☺

(I wrote out this post on paper sometime in January. I've been working on becoming a better commenter and am currently trying out a motivation system, but that's for an entire other post!)

Have you ever felt Commenter's Guilt?

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