Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reasons I Start a New Book . . . When I'm Already Reading Another

I seem to write multiple books at once quite a bit. Until recently, I don't think I've read just one book at one time (and finished it before starting another) all year. There are a lot of reasons for that!

(These aren't in any particular order.)

Reason #1: I'm bored.
Sometimes a book is just so slow and I want something quicker--something more exciting. If I'm bored with a book, it usually takes me longer to read it because I don't feel like reading something boring. Reading something more entertaining at the same time keeps me out of the slight slump that a boring book could put me in.

Reason #2: I don't have the book with me.
I go to community college and I don't drive. No buses come anywhere close to my house and carpooling is tricky. Therefore, I'm stuck on campus from around 8am to somewhere between 2 and 3 pm (depends on when my mom gets off work). I haven't had a really heavy load of homework (yet), so what do I usually do when I don't have class? I read. A lot. Sometimes I'll have my Kindle, but I won't have the print book I'm in the middle of. So, I start a new book because I don't want to be dreadfully bored.

Reason #3: I don't feel like writing a review.
This happens when I'm close to the end of a book. I usually don't write my reviews immediately after finishing a book, but I do write out all my thoughts in note form. Sometimes I just don't feel like going through the process, but I do feel like reading. Therefore . . . *looks for a new book to start*

Reason #4: I'm almost done with the book and I'm in public.
The last quarter/20 percent of a book usually plays with my emotions the most. Lots of big twists happen in this area of a book. I want to fully feel all the feels during that part, and I don't really feel comfortable doing that in public. I can react to the book more--through tears or yelling at the book--where no one can see me.

Reason #5: I'm scared.
This is what prompted this post! I'm around 80 percent in a book and . . . I'm nervous about how it's going to end. There's a possibility that the next 20 percent will hurt. So, to put off the possible hurt, I have decided to just read another book for a little bit before continuing to read my current one.

Reason #6: I need to post my review of a book soon.
Sometimes, release dates and blog tour dates sneak up on me. I have to put whatever else I'm reading on pause when that happens.

Reason #7: I'm in public and . . . things have gotten awkward.

By awkward, I mean either a sex scene or just a really romantic part. It feels weird. It's like watching a movie with your friends (or your parents because that's more awkward) and two of characters start having sex. Even though I'm the only one reading the scene when it's a book, it's still weird when other people are around. I usually start a new book to avoid feeling awkward.

Reason #8: My mood pushes me to another book.
This has happened a lot lately! I'll be reading one book and I'll feel like reading another genre or a certain book that I've had my eye on. 

Reason #9: Just because.
Sometimes, I don't have a reason other than just feeling like starting a new book! 

I believe those are all my reasons! Now, I have some questions for you:

Do you ever read multiple books at once?
Why do you start a book when you're already reading another?
Do you share any of the same reasons as me?

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