Monday, June 8, 2015

Blogoversary Stuff & Sophomore Spotlight Kickoff!!

Woohoo!! It's my blogoversary! 

I almost can't believe it's already been two years since I first posted on Reading is My Treasure. It sounds like a longer time than it feels. 

I was going to do a reflection of the last year and thank awesome bloggers and list some goals for my third year of blogging (like I did last year), but there are finals and stress and ahhh-I-have-so-much-stuff-do-dooo moments that I'm dealing with, so I'm going to write that post after my last day of the term. I want to spend more time on that post.

That said, I'm going to cut straight to my blogoversary event and giveaway info!

Sophomore Spotlight
Last year, I featured 2014 debut authors during an event called Class of 2014 (I was celebrating one year of blogging + my high school graduation). I'm bringing it back this year--sorta. I'll be featuring 2014 debut authors that have at least one 2015 release! It's a check in of sorts to see how they've been doing. This event will last all of this week and the next!

I'm going to keep the authors a surprise until the day of their feature, but I'll keep an updated list of authors, their books, and links below. 

Psst . . . I may or may not post hints on Twitter. :D

Featured Authors

June 9 - Lindsay Cummings (Interview)

June 10 - Lia Riley (Interview)

June 11 - Lindsay Smith (Top 10 Similarities and Differences in the SEKRET Series and DREAMSTRIDER)

June 12 - Danielle Ellison (Interview)

June 13 - Kate Ormand (Guest post on writing a circus book)

June 14 - Sara Raasch (Interview) 

June 15 - Sara B. Larson (Top Ten Reasons She Loves Being an Author)

June 16 - Dahlia Adler (Guest post about her YA books)

June 17 - Trisha Leaver (Top Ten Things I Learned About Myself My Debut Year)

June 18 - Lynne Matson (Guest post about her sequel)

June 19 - Michelle Krys (Interview)

June 20 - Lisa Maxwell (Guest Post + Giveaway)

June 21 - Stephanie Diaz (Guest Post + Giveaway)

And that is all of the features! Thank you to all the authors for joining this event and spending time on these posts.☺

The Giveaway!
There are two prizes: one released book of winner's choice and one pre-order (July onward) of winner's choice up to $17 each from Amazon or The Book Depository! 

This giveaway ends on July 9th @ midnight PST. Please no entering with giveaway Twitter/other social media accounts and please be familiar with my giveaway policy before entering.

Note about the comments for Sophomore Spotlight: you can enter for up to one comment on each post, so please don't comment twice on the same post and enter for both. You can enter 10 13 (I had miscounted before) different times for that option.

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