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A Month of Indies ~ Sanguine Mountain by Jennifer Foxcroft

I'm reviewing this book for A Month of Indies, hosted by Sanovia @ CreatyveBooks. This event is all about featuring indie authors and their books throughout the month of July! I'll have a couple more reviews to share soon.☺

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Series: Camazotz Trilogy #1
Genre: YA paranormal
Publication Date: February 28th, 2015
Publisher: Jennifer Foxcroft
Goodreads Description: 
Connie Phillips has never told a lie—until now.

An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted. The news that her parents aren’t really her own leaves her angry, devastated and alone. The search for the truth leads her down a dark, desolate forest road where she meets a boy in the shadows who has secrets of his own.

Rockland’s life has been ruled by an ancient curse since the day he was born. Forever labeled a misfit and a rebel, he is desperate to convince his leaders that integration with the modern world will be the salvation of their kind—not their demise.

After their worlds collide in the middle of a dark forest, Connie and Rocks strike a deal to help each other find the answers they both need—away from her lying parents and the judgmental sneers of his colony. But, can they find love on their journey to discover who they are and where they belong in the world? 
Source: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sanguine Mountain had a fresh paranormal to it: bats. I've read plenty of vampire books, but never one where the characters were basically bat shapeshifters (not vampires, though some blood drinking was involved). It was a neat idea! The Camazotz were interesting, as was how they're world contrasted with the human one.

There were sweet characters! Rocks was adorable. His awe over technology and love for sweets were endearing. Mimi (Connie's young sister) was so sweet! I loved the interactions between Connie's family and Rocks. They loved him and he got along well with them. It made Rocks even more lovable. Connie seemed immature at many moments, but part of her journey was about growing out of that. I did like reading that journey!

It was tough for me to stay in the story--it took me forever to read--but that didn't make me lose interest in what was going on. I loved focus on belonging. Where do you belong? Do you belong more with blood? What does family mean anyway?

Overall, Sanguine Mountain was a nice start to a new series. Certain events at the end make me need to know what happens next, so I really want to read the sequel sometime. It's not high up on the TBR, but I became invested in the characters enough to want to read another book with them in it.

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