Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Tag!

Thank you to Wendy @ Book Scents for tagging me! I'm kinda nervous about this one because I may have to make some really tough decisions, but I'm hoping is nice to me.


The rules: there are three rounds, wherein I use a random number picker applied to my “read” shelf on Goodreads for three books, and then decide what I’ll do to those three: burn, rewrite, or reread!

To narrow books down, I decided to pick books I've read AND own. 

Burn: Definitely Beastly. Hey, it's already one I'm planning to purge from my collection. This book isn't horrible, but it's not great. It's just meh

Rewrite: Prom Nights From Hell is a collection of short stories, and I usually wish short stories were longer. I would rewrite this one to make the stories longer and more impressive.

Reread: The Uglies series is one of my favorites, so I would definitely reread it! I actually have been meaning to reread the books and review them. I want to know if I would like the world as much as I did the other times I've read it.

Burn: The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. It's definitely an...interesting book and I did like reading it, but the books I would rewrite and reread are obvious. Sacrifices must be made!

Rewrite: So, I watched the Blood and Chocolate movie before reading the book. I really liked the movie! When I read the book, I noticed quite a few differences and was fine with it, but when I reached the ending...I was not okay with it. The ending was different!! I was so upset with the book because of that, so I would definitely rewrite this one to make it more similar to the movie version.

Reread: Like with Uglies, this is one of my favorites that I've been meaning to reread! I LOVE Ellen Hopkins' books. They're raw and ugly, but beautifully written. Plus, this book is getting a sequel (Traffick) and I do want to reread the book before I read the second book.

Burn: Sorry, Unleashed. I really liked this one and have reread it a couple times, but I'm willing to part with it. It's been a long time since I last read it anyway.

Rewrite: Pretty Little Liars kicks off a super long series that I wish was shorter. I would rewrite this one because I might be able to change it enough that so that the mystery wouldn't need 16 books. I would also change the Ezra and Aria relationship because they are annoying (especially on the show). And . . . maybe make the book a little longer. There are a lot of possibilities with rewriting this one!

Reread: I would reread 1984 because I went through it really slow when I first read it. I read it during class reading time and didn't get into it at home often, so I kinda disconnected from the book after awhile. It would be nice to give this one another try!

Last Thoughts
I find it funny that chose books that I read before I started blogging. And with the exception of 1984 and maybe Tricks, I believe I read all of these in middle school (5+ years ago). These are definitely older books!

I Tag . . . 

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