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Sunday Street Team ~ Review of Rebel Mechanics

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For this month, I'm sharing my review of Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson!

Series: ??
Genre: YA historical fiction/steampunk
Publication Date: July 14th, 2015
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG)
Goodreads Description: 
A sixteen-year-old governess becomes a spy in this alternative U.S. history where the British control with magic and the colonists rebel by inventing.

It’s 1888, and sixteen-year-old Verity Newton lands a job in New York as a governess to a wealthy leading family—but she quickly learns that the family has big secrets. Magisters have always ruled the colonies, but now an underground society of mechanics and engineers are developing non-magical sources of power via steam engines that they hope will help them gain freedom from British rule. The family Verity works for is magister—but it seems like the children's young guardian uncle is sympathetic to the rebel cause. As Verity falls for a charming rebel inventor and agrees to become a spy, she also becomes more and more enmeshed in the magister family’s life. She soon realizes she’s uniquely positioned to advance the cause—but to do so, she’ll have to reveal her own dangerous secret. 
Source: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rebel Mechanics was a really fun ride! Its great cast of characters and alternate world stood out to me a lot and I'm hoping to see more of them in a sequel someday. *crosses fingers for a sequel*

This book had an intriguing alternate world. Steampunk is a really interesting genre and I love the creativity and vibe of it. The steampunk in this book reminded me of Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld in a way. Not in the characters or the plot or whatever else, but in the style. I loved how Rebel Mechanics dealt with the "what if" when it came to the ruling class. I also loved the magic vs. steam power struggle.

As for the characters, I have a lot to say. A few of the male characters had jaunty personalities that I loved. The women had some sass to them. Rollo, Flora, and Olive (the children Lord Henry is a guardian of) were colorful characters. Olive, especially, was a really fun character. It was easy to visualize since she was such a feisty kid. Lord Henry was an eccentric gentleman. SUCH A SWEETIE, TOO. I adored him! Alec was alright. . . . Actually, he was meh. I preferred Lord Henry way more before I even started the book, though, so that may have influenced me to look at Alec in a bad light. Verity loved books, which is always a bonus. She was passionate about the mechanics' cause (even if she didn't agree with their methods). Her POV was slightly meh, but she had a good attitude.

Overall, Rebel Mechanics was delightful, fun, and creative. There were laugh out loud moments (one scene in particular featured a race between a carriage and a bus and a guy singing an alternate version of "Yankee Doodle" at the top of his lungs while other people joined him). Because of its lightness, the book turned out to be a quick read.

Shanna Swendson is the author of the popular adult romantic fantasy series, Enchanted, Inc. Rebel Mechanics is her first novel for young adults. She lives in Irving, Texas.
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