Monday, August 3, 2015

July Recap + August Stuff

Instead of a challenge update, I'm just going to go with a regular update! I'll post another update for 2015 challenges another month.

July Recap

Reading Wise
July ALWAYS seems to be a great reading month for me. I always have so much time. I managed to finish 21 books this July, which is so cool! I didn't realize I had read so many. There were only two books I gave less than 3.5 stars (4 stars on Goodreads). Every other book received a good rating.

EDIT: I have realized that I made a mistake! I finished 19 books in July. I finished What You Left Behind on August 1st and Finding Center on August 2nd. I guess this is why I shouldn't put together recaps late at night, huh? :D but it's better than I thought it would be.

The best book I read was definitely All the Bright Places, followed by Uprooted, Six of Crows, An Ember in the Ashes, and Finding Center. And Splintered. To All the Boys I've Loved Before was pretty darn impressive as well. Tonight the Streets are Ours was a pretty impressive read and What You Left Behind was refreshing. 

Post Wise
39 posts! I don't know where all the words for those posts came from, but I guess they came from somewhere good? My top six favorite ones from last month are below. One is the first tag I ever created. Three are a series of spreadsheet/statistic-like posts about my ARC habits (reviewing, timing, publisher, etc.). They were definitely the most time consuming posts I've ever worked on. :D I also wrote two fun semi-discussions (one on character names and another on conquering September).

Book Bloggers and Books Tag
ARC Habits Report (Part 1)
ARC Habits Report (Part 2)
ARC Habits Report (Part 3)
Let's See How Well I Remember Character Names
I Shall Conquer You, September

Life Wise was a pretty uneventful month! I didn't get out of the house much. Early in July, my friend and I took a trip to the library and I convinced her to check out all three of the released books in The Raven Cycle. (Yay for book pushing!) Later on in the month, I worked at a Bluegrass festival and went to a 50s car cruise in the same day. (Oooh, such a busy day. :D) I upgraded my phone and it's soooo much better than my old one. My old one was frustrating me for months. I didn't get out of the house to upgrade it, but it was still eventful.

The best part of the month were definitely the books. They allowed me to experience so much more than I was in my life and managed to keep me entertained. The end of the second round of #otspsecretsister and the beginning of the third round was another high point. I love that project so much. Maybe I should write a post about it sometime . . . I'm not promising anything yet.

August Stuff
I have yet another full month in which I'm probably not going to get out much, so I have a ton of free time. Most of my goals and incentives are #ARCAugust related since I plan to work on hard on that challenge.

  • Reach an 88% ratio in Netgalley. (It's 83% right now.)
  • Read as many review copies and ARCs as I can. It would be cool if I got to 15 or more, but if my mood doesn't permit that, then that's fine.
  • Read more blog posts and comment more. I haven't been doing this as much as I want lately.
  • Do not add over 10 more review copies to my pile. I want to actually make a sizeable dent in this thing.

Incentives are fun! These might change throughout the month, but here are a few ideas I'm going with.
  • If I get through more than half of my September titles I can get e-ARCs of Underneath Everything and This Monstrous Thing (two books I put off downloading as I waited for reviews to come in--now I'm more interested in reading them). This requires me to read six or seven September releases.
  • For the first week of August: If I finish 4 books, review 4 books, and submit 4 reviews (not necessarily all for the same books), I get to bake a batch of brownies!
  • IF more Harper titles are added to Edelweiss this month, I can only download one if I have less than 30 review copies in my pile (I have 35 now).
  • If I don't add more than 10 review copies to my pile this month, I will get . . . something. I'm not actually sure what I will reward myself with, but it'll be big. Maybe I'll go on a rereading spree.
  • Once I get through #ARCAugust, I get to read Queen of Shadows. I'm getting this no matter how I do in the challenge, but it still feels like an incentive. It's something to look forward to!
I hope this was an interesting recap/goal post! Let me know how July went for you. Let me know if you like to use incentives too.☺

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