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Review ~ Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator

Series: Jillian Cade #1? (No confirmed series name)
Genre: YA mystery
Publication Date: September 1st, 2015
Publisher: Soho Teen
Goodreads Description: 
Jillian Cade doesn’t believe in the paranormal. But her famous professor father does, and now that he’s gone, she decides to milk his reputation—and all the suckers who believe in the stuff—to open a private investigation firm. After all, a high school junior has to take care of herself, especially if she’s on her own.

Ironically, it’s when she takes on a case that might involve a totally non-paranormal missing person that things get strange. Particularly when Sky Ramsey—a new boy at school and an avid fan of her father’s—forces his way into becoming her partner and won’t shut up about succubi, of all things.

Before Jillian knows it, she finds herself navigating both her growing feelings for Sky and a sneaking suspicion that the poor saps she’s been scamming know something she doesn’t. Yet.
I go into this a bit in my review, but basically? It was an impulse decision.
Source: I received an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I didn’t know much about this book when I went into it. I got an email from Soho Teen with four options. There was one that I was definitely interested in. I wasn’t very familiar with Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator, but I saw the words “Buffy meets Veronica Mars” and that’s all I needed to know. I picked this one up on an impulse and now I’m glad I made that decision!

I’ve never seen Buffy, but I LOVE Veronica Mars. Jillian and the vibe of this book did remind me of Veronica Mars and that made me so happy. I actually spent a couple days binge watching the show shortly after reading this story. It was an entertaining read with some darker elements. The sarcasm and banter were GREAT. And the mystery was interesting.

It wasn’t really a twisted Whodunnit tale where you constantly changing your mind about the identity of the culprit. It was more of a mystery of what was happening and what truths characters were hiding. There was some good twists that I wasn’t expecting! The mystery kept me engaged.

Lies and fakeness were everywhere. Jillian grew up believing everything was a lie, so she turned out to be very skeptical. When she started confronting the truth, she played it off and came up with other explanations. She was a smart character. Her skepticism helped her think things through logically. She approached people and places with caution. This is a flaw as well as a strength. She didn’t get close to many people, which affected her relationships, but she did think things through. She has a lot of room to grow.

The romance was okay. I feel very iffy when it came to Sky. His chemistry with Jillian was great! Their banter wasn’t too bad, either. His actions were a big turn off, though. He has a lot of growing to do before I start really liking him.

I was really happy with the ending. It showed evidence of character growth. It also showed what a sensible character Jillian was. It was a good place to end for the mystery, characters, romance—everything. 

Overall, Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator was very easy to enjoy. The mystery started out as a small case and gradually grew bigger and more complicated. I’m really interested in reading a sequel so I can see what happens next! As for the “paranormal” side of this book . . . well, that’s part of the mystery!

2015 challenges this book counts towards:
Netgalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge

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