Friday, September 4, 2015

Accio Post Ideas!

Yeah . . . that doesn't work out well for everyone.

I've learned that it can be tough to come up with blog post ideas when you're actually trying to come up with them. You sit there for a brainstorming session and try to summon super cool ideas. But, depending on you are and what your blogging magic is like, it can be as successful as Ron pronouncing Alohomora wrong (but Accio in this case). It can be frustrating. You may feel like you aren't creative. You may not feel as capable of conjuring up great ideas as you wish. 

You are, though. If you're a book blogger, I can assure you that you have at least an ounce of creativity. (It's all those books we immerse ourselves in, I think)! 

If you struggle with coming up with post ideas, here's my advice:

Don't try so hard to come up with ideas.

Another thing I've learned about thinking of ideas? My best ones--the ones I'm most proud of--have came to me unexpectedly. The topics weren't ones I was trying to think about. They were ones I came up with after being inspired by something else.

Inspiration can come from many, many different sources. Here are some that I have found successful.
  • Read!
    • How many times do we write about things we like/dislike/notice in books? SO. OFTEN. 
  • Talk to people.
    • Sometimes something someone says (or the topic of the conversation) will spark something within you. When that happens, LISTEN TO IT. Those posts can turn out pretty well because you feel inspired/excited/passionate white writing it. My favorite discussions on this blog came about this way.
  • Pay attention to the blogosphere.
    • This is similar to the last suggestion. I see a lot of posts about the state of the YA community or recent events that are occurring. You can find a lot of inspiration in your surroundings.
  • Listen to music.
    • Personally, ideas tend to flow easier for me when I'm listening to music. (I might turn it off when I'm actually writing the post, though.)
  • Do non-blogging activities.
    • Hobbies, showering, preparing for bed, drawing . . . there's a lot of options. Morning routines can also be a good time for post inspiration, though it can be annoying if you're about to leave your house (I've thought of a lot of ideas when I didn't have the time to write them down).
    • I mean it about showering. It sounds really weird, but it's a good way to come up with blog ideas out of the blue. It's pretty awesome when it happens!
    • Depending on what you're doing, let your mind wander. You might start thinking of something to post on your blog.
There's more you can do, of course. Inspiration doesn't strike for everyone the same way, so there's probably suggestions I've never even considered.

If you struggle with post ideas, I hope you found this post helpful! 

How do you come up with post ideas? Do you sometimes have a hard time with it?

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