Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Recap + September Stuff

I'm REALLY happy to saying goodbye to August. If you checked out any of my recent STS posts or saw me mention it on Twitter, you may have seen me mention a bad slump. The entire month was a mixture of a blogging, social, and general life slumps and a hint of a reading slump (two five days ones). But now I feel a lot better. I feel like an energized blogger again and I'm so excited for September!! 

August Recap

Reading Wise
First of all, I made a mistake last month. I finished Finding Center and What You Left Behind in August, not July.

I read 15 books in August! Illuminae and The Wrath & the Dawn were both 5 star reads. I gave Finding Center 4.5 stars, but rounded up to 5 on Goodreads. Then there's the Mistborn book I reread, which was also a 5 star. There were some 2 and 3 star reads, but the GREAT books made up for them.

How I Did on Goals
  • Reach an 88% ratio in Netgalley. (It's 83% right now.)
Yeah . . . it went down a little, then I got it back up to 83%.
  • Read as many review copies and ARCs as I can. It would be cool if I got to 15 or more, but if my mood doesn't permit that, then that's fine.
I finished 11 and DNFed 1! I'm currently reading three other ARCs.
  • Read more blog posts and comment more. I haven't been doing this as much as I want lately.
Ha. Hahahaha. I think I read and commented on two? Three? And that was after I started getting over my slump.
  • Do not add over 10 more review copies to my pile. I want to actually make a sizeable dent in this thing.
I was SO CLOSE to failing this one. I got 10 new review copies in August.

About Last Month's Incentives
I forgot about every single one of them, so if I have any incentives for this month, I'll probably tweet about it.

September Stuff

Let's see if I can do better with my goals!

  • Reach an 88% ratio in Netgalley. I WILL do it this time. 
  • Read as many review copies and ARCs as I can. (This is a goal for every month.)
  • Actually go through with some of my discussion post (or other blogging) ideas. I abandon too many of them (I think one of my abandoned ideas is about my habit to abandon ideas).
  • Explore the blogosphere more. This means checking my Bloglovin' feed, commenting back, commenting randomly, sharing other bloggers posts, getting to know other bloggers, etc. 
  • Reread at least another Mistborn book.
  • Do not add a bigger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of review copies I finish (or DNF) this month.
Some Books I Really Want to Get To This Month
Most of my TBR is kinda up in the air at the moment. I know I can't get to everything I want to within a month, so I'll just share some I definitely intend to get to.

How did August go for you? What are your goals for September?

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