Thursday, September 24, 2015

List Love ~ Contemporary Romance . . . in the Movies

That title may be a little misleading, but it fits! I was recently watching a great romantic comedy and was thinking that I would totally read something similar as a book. This list of movies isn't necessarily ones I would love to read as books, but it has situations, storylines, characters, tones, etc. that I like to see and/or would like to see more of when I read contemporary romance. I'm mainly thinking of New Adult here, but some of these can apply to Young Adult contemporary as well.

Love and Other Drugs
I have a thing for book relationships that start out as a casual/friends with benefits type arrangement. You know, the ones where they start out with meaningless sex, but the couple slowly gets to know each other and form feelings and inevitably fall in love. There are certain types of stories that don't get old for people, and this is one that doesn't get old for me.

Anyway, Love and Other Drugs is the movie that inspired this post. The part I would like to read in books is the casual relationship between two people that have a really hard time loving others, loving themselves, and letting others love them. There would be a sad element to the story, too.

No Strings Attached
This movie is similar to the previous one, but it's lighter. A similar feeling book would be Boomerang, which is really fun and heartwarming. So, I guess I'm saying I want to read more books like Boomerang.

Also, I believe Natalie Portman's character is a nurse and Ashton Kutcher's character is a screenplay writer (or an aspiring one). I would like to read more books where the characters are in similar occupations.

You Again
The main characters in this movie have to deal with people they hated from high school. I like that situation! There's a romance, too, but there's a lot of focuses on other things. There's a lot of wedding prep in this one, which I haven't read much in NAs.

Remember Me
All of the other books are lighter, but this one is really sad. It's a more serious movie, and I really like serious books. Robert Pattinson's character has an adorable sister he's really close to, and I adore male characters that are great brothers (or parents or sons). 

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
There's a journalism aspect (the lady has to write an article about losing a guy in 10 days). Plus, since the guy is trying to prove that he can make someone fall for him in 10 days, there's some lying and competition involved. It's a fun movie featuring characters in a really odd, hilarious situation. When it comes to books, I would love to read a few with similarly funny situations. 

Sweet Home Alabama
The situation I like this in this one is a character that goes back home and has to deal with an old flame before she can finally move on. It's a hate-then-love situation involving exes. It's also set in a southern state, which is a fun setting. 

Leap Year
One word: IRELAND. 

Translation into books? Contemporary romance set in Ireland or other countries. Oh, and characters that take awhile to get along. Both elements are great, but they're even greater when combined.☺

Your turn! What are some movies with situations that you like to see and/or would like to see more of in contemporary romance? 

(One last thing: I can't promise anything, but I may post more movie lists like this, like with sci-fi, mystery, paranormal, etc.)

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