Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Recap + October Stuff

Goodbye September! Hello October, my favorite month of the year! 

(Okay, I'm not saying hello just yet. At the time of writing and posting this, I still have about two and half hours left in September.)

September Recap

Reading Wise
It was a nice reading month! The Young Elites and Losing Hope were by far my favorite books of the month. Terrier and The Mirror King were pretty great as well. 

How I Did on My Goals
  • Reach an 88% ratio in Netgalley. I WILL do it this time.
Haha, nope. My ratio started out as 83%, went down a bit, and now it's at 83% again.
  • Read as many review copies and ARCs as I can. (This is a goal for every month.)
I read eight! I also DNFed another and made some progress in three others (that I'm currently reading).
  • Actually go through with some of my discussion post (or other blogging) ideas. I abandon too many of them (I think one of my abandoned ideas is about my habit to abandon ideas).
  • Explore the blogosphere more. This means checking my Bloglovin' feed, commenting back, commenting randomly, sharing other bloggers posts, getting to know other bloggers, etc. 
I kinda did this. I did some commenting. I also joined a Pinterest group board to help me keep in the habit of at least reading posts. 
  • Read at least one other Mistborn book.
Didn't happen. :(
  • Do not add a bigger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of review copies I finish (or DNF) this month.
I finished (or DNFed) nine review copies, and added twelve new review copies to my TBR this month. However, two of the ARCs I read/DNFed were ones I added to my TBR this month. One of the books I added to my TBR is technically not on it yet (I'm reviewing a book for a blog tour, but haven't received it yet). Also, I'm in the middle of three e-ARCs. So . . . I say I reached this goal. ☺

October Stuff

  • End the month with a higher Netgalley ratio than I have at this moment (83%).
  • Don not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
  • Work on balancing blogging, school, club officer stuff, tv shows, socializing, etc. Stay organized, too.
  • Keep my reading log up to date. I just started keeping track of what I read each day in a notebook and I want to stick to it.
  • Post some more lists (List Love).
  • Explore the blogosphere more than I did last month. (This mainly refers to reading and commenting on blog posts.)
What I'm Looking Forward To This Month
  • First of all, my birthday is on October 19th! I plan to have something fun on my blog that day.
  • I'm going to be participating in this thing called the BFF Blog Hop. I'll have a fun post and giveaway for that.
  • So many tv shows!! I'm really interested in a lot right now. I'm definitely going to keep up with How to Get Away with Murder and Scream Queens. Project Runway and America's Next Top Model still have a bit left to go, so I'm going to be watching those every week. I also want to try Heroes Reborn and Blood and Oil.
  • I'm going to Seattle for a conference right before my birthday! It'll be my first time going to Washington.
  • A busy month. I'm not joking about this. I just spent the last three (almost four) months without that much to do, and I really like having a lot of stuff to keep my busy now that I'm back in school.
Six Books I'm the Most Likely to Read
There are soooo many books I want to read this month, but I know I won't even get to half of them. These are ones I want to get to the most, though.

How did September go for you? What are you looking forward to in October?

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