Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Uppercase Box Review!

*Thank you to Lisa for providing me with the August Uppercase Box for an honest review.

*Uppercase ships to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada, as well as APO addresses.

What is Uppercase Box?
Just like with all of my reviews, I'm going to include a description! Here is the background additional info that Lisa gave me:
In every box, subscribers receive a YA book we've personally read and recommended, a bookish bonus item, a handwritten letter explaining our selection, access to exclusive author content and a Goodreads group to discuss the book.

Uppercase started in August 2014, and we've selected some great YA books so far. You can check out our past boxes here:

We offer three options: Expert, Personalized and Book Exclusive box. The Expert box is $23 a month and includes a recently published YA book we think everyone will enjoy. The Personalized box is $29 a month and we pick a book based on the subscribers personal tastes. The Book Exclusive box is $17 a month offers the same book content and publisher-provided goodies as the Expert box, just without the bookish item.

I've been a part of the YA community for four years through my YA book blog, . I personally read and recommend all Uppercase box books, and I absolutely love sharing my passion of books with my subscribers.

Before Getting the Package

I got a tracking number the day it was shipped! And it was in a fun email. It made me a little more excited about the package. I mention this because it just seemed like a really nice touch to the experience.

The Package Itself
I received the Expert box, which is the most popular option. It costs $23. 

The Upsides:
  • It was a surprise. I don't know about you, but surprises are fun.
  • There's a handwritten note. I knew the package was handled and put together with care. Everyone gets pretty much the same packages, but I still felt special.
  • The items are fun! I rarely ever buy bookish items for myself, so I was pretty excited for the items. I absolutely adore the necklace. I've worn it a couple times and will keep wearing it! The little Swoon Reads notebook is really cute. I'm using it to write swoony and romantic quotes in.
    • The point? These items are things I can actually use. They'll last quite awhile, too.
  • There's exclusive content! I don't check out bonus content often, but it's cool to be given access to something exclusive.
  • The book is a really good one! I read an ARC and reviewed it in July, but I didn't own a finished copy. I love that Rebel Mechanics is in the hands of so many Uppercase Box subscribers now because it really does deserve to be read by a lot of people.
    • Lisa picks GREAT books to sent out. I looked through all the past boxes, and I counted nine that I've read (including August's pick). All nine of those are books I really liked, and I always hear great things about them from other people. So, rest assured that you're getting a well recommended book through Uppercase.
  • The signed bookplate is really nice. It's easy to buy a book, but it's not always easy to get it signed. 
  • The items were put in a cool drawstring bag with the Uppercase logo on it. I love the bag because it's useful!
  • It's a REALLY good price. And I'm cheap.
The Downsides:
  • I can only think of one big downside. If you receive a lot of books for review or buy a lot of new releases, you may get a book you have already read and/or already own a finished copy of.
Those I Recommend Uppercase To:

I recommend Uppercase to YA book lovers that love fun and surprising bookmail! It may not be the best thing for those who buy a lot of new releases soon after they're published, but I still think it's worth trying at least once!


I'm very happy with my Uppercase experience!! It was a lot of fun. I definitely plan to join for at least a month or two.☺

If you want to join, spots for October's box ends at the end of the month! Go here to join.

And if you haven't entered to win one year of Uppercase, go enter! The giveaway ends on September 13th.

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