Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting Back Into the Blogging Mood

I'm a mood blogger, so a lot of the content I post, when I post it, how excited I get over ideas, how much I blog, etc. depends on what mood I'm in. I was in a "I don't have much to say, so no post today" mood and as a result, I didn't have as many posts as usual. It seems like I've felt like that about blogging for quite a bit now, but I'm suddenly feeling more energized and motivated about this blog.

Why, though? Why am I in a much better blogger mood now than I have been in months? I thought it over and found that the following things I've been doing recently tends to improve my mood by a LOT.
Commenting on Other Blogs
I've been really bad at commenting regularly on other blogs (and replying to comments on my own posts), but there are times when I do a big spree and just explore the blogosphere. Doing that always makes me feel like I'm catching up--like I've accomplished something. Furthermore, I always feel more energized about my own blog after going through my Bloglovin feed or leaving a bunch of comment love. I feel the same after I read comments people leave on my own posts. Comments--my own and other people's--just make me happy. And when I'm happy, it's so much easier to be in the mood to blog.
Starting Fresh
I'm referring to the start of a new month because I always seem to be in a better blogging mood at the beginning of the month. There's a new TBR and new goals and new books and new things to focus on. I can move on from the previous month. Writing a recap/goals post helps me feel more organized, which is key for me. If I feel scattered, I get a little lost and I start procrastinating (more than usual). So, it makes a lot of sense to me that I'm writing this post at the start of November.
Reading a Fantastic Book
And not just a fantastic book, but one that reminds you why I love to read in the first place--why I have a blog to share my passion for reading. I started reading Wolf by Wolf and I swear I immediately felt my eyes turn into hearts. The writing is WONDERFUL. The descriptions are so vivid and there's solid development and an interesting plot and WOW. I was blown away early. I found it so easy to sink into that novel and savor it. I haven't finished it yet, but it's making me want to try something different for my review. I want to do something MORE with my review to make it stand out from the ones in my usual format. (Illuminae was the last book I did something like that for.)

Which leads to the most recent thing I've been doing. . . .
Trying Something New
This started with my most recent Top Ten Tuesday. I decided to do something a little different than just put the individual book covers on the post. I made three collages based on different categories. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was something different (and both more time consuming and satisfying to do). Doing that helped influence me to think of what I could do with my Wolf by Wolf review, which led to the incorporation of this new font for headlines. Trying something new has made me more eager to try even more new things, which usually helps me come up with new ideas.

My Advice To You
Getting back into a blogging mood is a different process for everyone, but if you're looking to try a new process, I recommend doing one of these things I mentioned! Since they worked for me, they may work for someone else.☺ Here's some advice for specific moods:
  • If you're feeling really behind in commenting and you're feeling bad about it, I highly recommend putting some time away to explore the blogosphere, comment on other blogs, read blog posts, etc. Catching up can feel so NICE.
  • If you're feeling disorganized about blogging, then I recommend trying a new method of organizing and planning! Trying something new can be exciting and who knows? Maybe there's a different method that's perfect for you.
  • If you're feeling a little bored with your posts or feel less creative than usual, change things up! This can mean changing formats, trying a new idea, participating in a new-to-you type of blog event, or just simply incorporating new fonts.
How do you get back into the blogging mood? Do any of the things I mentioned help you out as well?

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