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October Recap + November Stuff


October Recap

Life and Blog Wise
Overall, October was . . . meh. Settling back into school mode and working on balancing everything has been a little tougher than I expected, especially since I wasn't actually that busy. November is going to be much busier, though, but I think I'm more prepared for it.

Despite the meh-ness (pretend that's a word) of it, some awesome things did happen last month! I went to Seattle for a few days for a conference for a club I'm in. The conference was great, but the best part of the trip was walking around the city. I LOVED IT. I live in/near/next to a small city--a boring city. Seattle had so much culture and LIFE. It was my first time exploring a big city and it helped me feel less crazy about really wanting to live near or even in city like that one day.

I turned 20 in October (bye-bye teenage years)! I also reached 900 followers on Bloglovin and 500 on GFC! I didn't do a giveaway to celebrate last month, but I want to do a follower appreciation giveaway soon. I haven't done one in awhile. Plus, it'll be in time for thanksgiving.☺

Blogging went a bit slow, but I'm slowly getting back into the groove. I didn't have much to say last month, but I have quite a few things I want to post this month.

Reading Wise
Nameless and The Lies About Truth tied for my favorite read of October! Theo from Pointe was the character I ended up being the most proud of. My favorite couple was . . . oh man, it's a tie. I loved Roxy and Lake from A Shot of Reckless and Ivy and Sebastian from Surviving Ice. Dreamstrider was the most creative. Confess and The Awesome tie for the most memorable.

How I Did on My Goals
  • End the month with a higher Netgalley ratio than I have at this moment (83%).
Didn't happen. I'm now at 83%. I have failed my NG ratio goal three months in a that a sign I shouldn't make it an official goal? I think so. :D
  • Do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
I DID IT. I added seven review copies to my TBR. I finished 12 and DNFed 2 books. 
  • Work on balancing blogging, school, club officer stuff, tv shows, socializing, etc. Stay organized, too.
Balancing didn't go well, but I think I did great on organization. I've been working on that a lot with a blogging binder, a planner (mostly for school), and a reading log. After my trip to Seattle, I kinda fell out of updating those and I felt sooo disorganized. I had so little motivation, but getting back into the planning has made me feel a lot better.
  • Keep my reading log up to date. I just started keeping track of what I read each day in a notebook and I want to stick to it.
I kept up with this for about half of the month, then fell out of it. I set up some pages in a new journal that I'm excited to fill up, though, so I think I'll do better this month.
  • Post some more lists (List Love).
  • Explore the blogosphere more than I did last month. (This mainly refers to reading and commenting on blog posts.)
I did this on the very last day of October.

November Stuff

  • Let's repeat this one! Do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
  • Stick with updating my reading log for most of the month.
  • Post some more lists (List Love). Maybe something related to music? I've been meaning to post something like that for months.
  • Try to find a commenting rhythm. 
  • Host a giveaway.
  • Spend time on Twitter, but don't waste it. I spend way more time browsing on Twitter than I should. It's really handy when I'm procrastinating, but not so handy when I want to make things happen.
  • Finish Ouran High School Host Club and Clannad. (They're my first animes.) Start another one.
What I'm Looking Forward To This Month
  • Thanksgiving! It's one of the only times I ever see extended family all year (despite living not that far from them). Well, usually. I'm not sure what the plans are yet.
  • My Let's Get Personal post series! I've been mulling over this idea since May. It's time to finally make it a thing. (Basically? It's a week of personal posts.)
  • Winter is releasing soon!!
  • Cheering blogger and writer friends on during NaNoWriMo. I'm not a writer (nor do I ever intend to be), but I'm really excited for the people participating!
I think . . . that's it. There's not much about November that I'm excited about.

I'm giving myself a ton of options, but if I were to read 12 books, here are the books I'll probably read:
  • Traffick
  • Cam Girl (which I'm restarting)
  • The Revenge Artist
  • Come Back to Me
  • Just Visiting
  • Violent Ends (Will I finally get to it??)
  • Etiquette and the Devil
  • More Happy Than Not
  • The Walls Around Us
  • Soundless
  • Wolf by Wolf
  • Winter

How did September go for you? What are you looking forward to in October?

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