Monday, November 23, 2015

Review ~ The Awesome by Eva Darrows

Series: standalone
Genre: YA paranormal
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Publisher: Ravenstone
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Goodreads Description: 
Seventeen-year-old Maggie Cunningham is tough, smart, and sassy. She's also not like other girls her age, but then, who would be when the family business is monster hunting? Combat boots, ratty hooded sweatshirts, and hair worn short so nothing with claws can get a grip, Maggie's concerns in life slant more toward survival than fashion or boys. Which presents a problem when Maggie's mother informs Maggie that she can't get her journeyman's license for hunting until she loses her virginity.

Something about virgin blood turning vampires into pointy rage monsters. Blood and gore and insides being on the outside and all that. 

Maggie's battled ghosts and goblins and her fair share of house brownies, but finding herself a boy - fitting in with her peers - proves a much more daunting task than any monster hunt. Did you know normal girls don't stuff their bras with holy water balloons? Nor do they carry wooden stakes in their waistbands. And they care about things like "matching" and "footwear." Of course, they also can't clean a gun blindfolded, shoot a crossbow, or exorcise ghosts from a house. Which means they're lame and Maggie's not. Because Maggie's awesome. The Awesome, in fact. Just ask her. She'd be more than happy to tell you. 

After she finds herself a date. 
Why I Read This Book
This book looked like so much FUN. It also looked like it had some pretty good themes. When it was included in the October #DahlBC, I decided it was time to read it.☺
Source: Giveaway prize

I have to say that the title of The Awesome fits the book very well. It proved to be an awesome read!

I really liked how crass Maggie was! (She may not come off that way to everyone . . . it depends on the reader.) She said a LOT of "rude" (or what could be considered rude by several people) things. Her voice was very different from so many others in YA, which helped make this book stand out. Her thoughts were honest and unfiltered, and I LOVED THAT.

Maggie's relationship with her mom was one of the best parts! There was an open relationship, though there were still a lot of tension between them. Her mom felt like she had screwed up, which helped throw up some hurdles in the relationship. She was awesome, though. She was a badass. This woman wasn't someone you would ever want to cross because she would probably break down your door. She was also very understanding and protective of her daughter. Maggie and her mom had quite few fights, but they still managed to talk things out and resolve their issues. There was a lot of communication despite the moments where they didn't do so well with talking to one another.

Sex was handled pretty well, I think. The book was incredibly open about it. There was awkwardness and the scenes weren't made out to be more sensual than they actually were. Maggie's unfiltered thoughts especially made an impression here because she worried about a lot of things that weren't mentioned in most of the YA I've read. It all seemed very . . . realistic (from what I can gather). Plus, there was no fade to black. One of my favorite things about how the subject was handled was how Maggie's approach and attitude towards sex changed throughout the book. At the beginning, she set out to just get it done and over with so she could get her journeyman's license, but that changes as her story progresses.

The feel of The Awesome had a certain frankness to it. It wasn't censored or pulled back in order to appeal to readers, which just made it more appealing. The language sure isn't for everyone, but it fit Maggie and the book as a whole. It wasn't "polite" or "ladylike" or whatever. I loved how that made the book feel more honest and memorable.

Overall, The Awesome was a fun ride that is sure to leave an impression on readers. There were positive and honest portrayals of mother/daughter relationships as well as sex. Plus, there were vampires and other supernatural creatures! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an awesome read!
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