Monday, November 9, 2015

Sometimes the Sequel Makes Me Interested in Book One

There are times when I come across the first book in a brand new series (way before a sequel releases) and just feel . . . meh. A bunch of other will flail about its release or rave about how great it is, and my interest will only bump up a tiny bit.

But when excitement for the sequel kicks in?

My usual reaction: OOOH. THAT LOOKS GOOD. I still need to read book one, though . . .

I find it kinda weird that this happens! If I wasn't that interested in book one, why should I be interested in the second book? It's not like I've read the description for it. And more times than not, everyone's excitement is based on the mere news of the sequel--of getting more of the series. There are times when I get more excited for a book because of great reviews of the sequel, but that's closer (or after) the release date.
Some Examples
I don't know why I wasn't very interested in The Girl at Midnight. I read positive review after positive review and still only felt fleeting flares of interest. I would feel excited for it after reading the sequel or being recommended it, but it never stuck.

But then the cover of The Shadow Hour was revealed and . . . I have to admit, I'm much more willing to listen to the recommendations to read the first book. It SORTA has to do with that pretty cover (I can't lie about that). Some of my blogger friends are pretty excited for it and Melissa Grey seems like a pretty cool person (following authors on Twitter can make me really excited for their books), so yeah. I'm much more interested in giving this series a try now!

Whenever I look at The Fixer, it just yells out "not for Kaitlin." I felt bursts of excitement for this one around its release date (reviews for it are really good). But . . . politics. I love thrillers, but books with any sort of focus on politics can be a hit or miss for me. I can get bored or even lost. So I've mainly felt ehhh about reading that one.

But then Bloomsbury Kids had a live Spring Preview (if you missed it, the video is on YouTube) and The Long Game was a part of it. There were a bunch of excited tweets over the sequel and Holly (What do I call her again? My #1 book pusher?) kinda scolded me over not having read The Fixer. I guess my newfound excitement over reading The Fixer is a combination of interest in the sequel and being recommended it by someone who always gives me fantastic recs.

I have a confession: the cover of The Story Spinner is one of the reasons I've never been very interested in the book. It's always felt like a placeholder to me--like it's not a final cover. Plus, I just never seemed to become interested by the description.

I'm still not quite as excited for The Storyspinner as I'm about reading The Girl at Midnight or The Fixer, but whenever I see The Skylighter, I feel MUCH more interested in the series. I don't like the cover any better, but seeing it reminds me of all the great things I've heard of the first book. It makes me more aware of the series!
How About You?
Do sequels ever make you more interested in reading a book you weren't sure you wanted to read before? Which series have you experienced that w

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