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Hey, I Finished a Series! | Endure by Sara B. Larson

*I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

This was a book that I was super excited for! I remember having a really good time reading Ignite and I know the ending left me excited for Endure. My memory is just . . . not very clear on what actually happened. :D (More on that in the review portion of this post.)

My review is spoiler free, as always. Well, except for the book's description.

About the Book:
Spoilers are in the description!! Pass on to the review if you haven't read Ignite.
The remarkable third novel in Sara B. Larson's bestselling Defy series!

At last, Alexa and King Damian are engaged to be married. But their lives are far from safe. The kingdom of Antion is under siege, and Rylan is a prisoner of the enemy. Even worse, Alexa remains at the mercy of the evil Dansiian Rafe, who controls her mind and can force Alexa to kill or harm Damian at any moment. Despite this, Alexa is determined to rescue Rylan, which soon leads her far from Damian and deep into enemy territory.

When she arrives, what awaits her is deadlier than anything she could have ever imagined: an army of black sorcerers, and a horrifying plot to destroy the world as Alexa knows it. Will she be able to gather the strength to free herself, protect the love of her life, and save the land? Will there ever be true peace?

Acclaimed author Sara B. Larson has woven a stunning, romantic, and evocative finale to the Defy trilogy, that is sure to leave readers breathless until the very last page. 

*Releasing December 29th, 2015 from Scholastic*

My First Impression
When I went into Endure, I have to admit I was totally lost. I remembered so little from the previous two books and was worried that it would effect my enjoyment of the book by a lot. I warmed up to the it as I got further into it, though. Some details (such as some past events and information about the war/conflict) are still blurry in my mind, but I was still able to enjoy reading the book.
Moving Onward . . .
Alexa was great. I loved seeing determination in heroines, as she sure had it! She was loyal and kindhearted. She did whatever it takes to save the people she cares about.

One word that summed up how Damian seemed in this book? Stressed. I felt bad for him because he was so afraid of losing Alexa! He was so worried about her!

As for Rylan...I've never had much to say about him. *shrugs*

The villain was a bit one dimensional. Maybe I'm just forgetting some details about him from the previous books, but he seemed to be evil just because he was. He was horrific and bloodthirsty, but not . . . very cunning. He reminded me of a petulant kid that throws a hissy fit when things don't go his way--except that hissy fit involves killing people. I wasn't impressed by him.

The Rest of the Book
I liked Endure more than Defy, but not quite as much as Ignite (even though I don't remember that one very well). The story unraveled nicely. There was a lot of tension and danger in this one. There was a lot of travel, so more of the world was explored. I really liked the magic! It was really cool to picture it when it was being used (especially in battle). The ending was okay, but I feel like it could have been stronger.

Final Thoughts?
Endure concluded this YA fantasy series enough for me to be happy with it. Though I did have a tough time remembering some details (which affected how much I connected to the story) and wasn't thrilled with the villain, this book turned out to be a nice one! If you love YA fantasies with strong heroines and interesting magic (but don't mind love triangles), then I recommend looking into the Defy series!

The First Two Books in the Defy Trilogy

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