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Top Ten Tuesday (40) ~ I Couldn't Pick Just Ten Debuts For This

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Top Ten Fourteen 2016 Debut Novels I 
Am Looking Forward To

Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn - I have to admit that I'm both super excited and really nervous for this one! It looks like such a me read because it focuses on a lot of things I love to read about (plus, it's contemporary). This has so much potential to make it onto my favorites shelf and I really hope that is what ends up happening.

This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp - This book is going to break my heart. There's no way around that. I'M READY. Sort of. Not really. Who is ever to have their heart stomped on by a book?

The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry - Ahhhh, it looks so romantic!! I have to admit I'm slightly nervous about this one because sometimes those grand, quick romances can become either INCREDIBLE or really cheesy for me. It depends on the chemistry of the characters!

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin - I don't know much about this one (I do this with sooooo many books, and I like not knowing much), but I've heard enough about it to know it's a very important read. I keep hearing that it's amazing. Plus, CONTEMPORARY. 

Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman - PIRATES. Or is it characters-soon-to-be-pirates since it's "pre-pirate?" I will figure that out soon! I've seen so much raving over this one on Twitter, so the book has already made quite an impression on me. Hopefully it'll continue to do so after I read it. :)

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie - PIRATES. I'm really into this pirate/nautical trend going on. The world in this one sounds pretty darn interesting, too.

Liars and Losers Like Us by Ami Allen-Vath - It looks like my kind of read! It looks like a fun read, but it also seems to have some pretty serious elements to it.

The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith - This one kinda snuck up on me. I requested an e-arc of this one because it looked like something I would really like reading, but I think my excitement kicked in after I started hearing that it's amazing. So, I'm pretty glad I have a review copy of this one!

Beyond the Red by Ava Jae - This one kinda snuck up on me, too. I don't think I realized how excited I was about this one until looking back through my 2016 GR shelf and thinking, "nooooooo, I NEED TO ADD BEYOND THE RED." 

Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake - Oh, haha. I actually don't know much about this one either. Sometimes an author is such an awesome person that I automatically become really excited for whatever books they write (without knowing much about them). That and the fact that Suffer Love is YA contemporary makes me excited to read it.

Summer of Sloane by Erin L. Schneider - This looks like a really fun read! Also, I peeked at the first page and whoa, it jumps straight in. I love it when books do that! I'm excited to dive into this one and enjoy the ride.

Frannie and Tru by Karen Hattrup - This one made a very strong impression on me when I first discovered it. The current description is pretty short (only one four-sentence paragraph), but I'M SO INTRIGUED. I just have this feeling that it'll be a story well worth reading.

Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee - Ah, a book focusing on sisters. I find them to be really interesting and this one looks like a book I'll love. I'm really excited to meet and get to know Clara and Hailey!

The Reader by Traci Chee - It's called The Reader. How could I not be drawn to a book with a title like that. I'm looking forward to learning more about the world in this one. 

Two Bonus Books
I've read Underwater and am currently reading The Girl From Everywhere! Marisa Reichardt writes beautifully. Heidi Heilig's debut is really fun and creative. You need to be excited for these ladies' books if you aren't already!

Are you looking forward to any of these as well?

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