Monday, December 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (41) ~ My Favorite New-To-Me Authors of the Year!

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Top Ten Eleven New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For the First Time in 2015
Victoria Schwab
I had high expectations for this author's books and I'm definitely glad I finally read a couple of them. Her writing is impeccable.

Which of her books will I read next? I'm hoping to read Vicious this month, actually! 

Megan Erickson
I had this goal of reading all of Megan Erickson's books this year (even though I hadn't read anything by her yet), and while I doubt I'll do that, I managed to get to quite a few of them! I have a lot more on my Kindle to read and I'm looking forward to reading them.☺ (Also, I need to mention that Megan is a super, super sweet person.)

Which of her books will I read next? Changing His Game. Or maybe Dirty Thoughts

Marie Lu
I did try Legend a few years ago, but only got a few chapters in before returning it to the library. I'm so glad I made the decision to try it again! It was really good. The Young Elites was a captivating read. Adelina was probably one of the most memorable heroines I met all year (I keep thinking of her and her struggle with darkness).

Which of her books will I read next? It depends on which sequel I get my hands on the soonest!

Katherine Locke
Aly and Zed are an absolutely WONDERFUL couple and Katherine is a wonderful person. She (through Twitter) and her books have had a big impact on me this year. I've learned a lot from her. (Can you tell that my favorite authors are usually my favorite for more than just their books? A lot of them are my favorites because they're amazing people.)

Which of her books will I read next? Turning Pointe is next! I should've already read it . . .

K.A. Tucker
I kinda can't believe I've read FIVE K.A. Tucker books this year. I'm really glad I finally gave them a try. The Burying Water series had a great mix of romance and suspense in them. Ten Tiny Breaths had some great characters that I'm looking forward to seeing more of in its companion novels.

Which of her books will I read next? One Tiny Lie!

Cora Carmack
I'VE ONLY READ THREE CORA CARMACK BOOKS?? I feel like I've read as many of hers as K.A. Tucker, but apparently not. Anyway, I absolutely love love love the characters in Cora's books! 

Which of her books will I read next? I'll most likely read Inspire next. It's the only one on my Kindle. (Why I don't have Losing It yet, I don't know.)

Chelsea Fine
Sometime this month, I'm going to have to choose my favorite reads of 2015. There's a strong possibility that Best Kind of Broken will be on that list! It blew me away! Pixie and Levi had amazing chemistry and I LOVED their story.

Which of her books will I read next? Anew (the first book in her YA series) will most likely be next because I don't have any of her other books yet.

A.G. Howard
I FINALLY STARTED THE SERIES! Splintered was as deliciously weird as I was hoping it would be. A.G. Howard is a really creative writer.

Which of her books will I read next? Definitely Unhinged

Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
I LOVED These Broken Stars. The book was as great as I wanted it to be! There was a lot of excitement and heartbreak as well as a super shippable couple.

Which of their books will I read next? This Shattered World will be my next read by these ladies. 

Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
WHOA. This book was mindblowingly good! Actually . . . now that I have These Broken Stars and Illuminae on the same post, I'm realizing that both books had a similar effect on me. Illuminae also had a ton of excitement and heartbreak as well as a super shippable couple.

Which of their books will I read next? Well, it's going to have to be the second Illuminae book, which doesn't even have a title right now. (However, I'll probably get to Jay's Stormdancer first.)

Have you read anything by these authors?

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