Monday, January 4, 2016

A Whole Lot of 2015 Reading Stats

If you don't know, I love spreadsheets and bookish stats! I have so much fun with them, so I'm very excited to bring this post to you! I have a lot to share with you and I really hope you find it interesting. :D

Quick Stats
I guess the most important number has to come first!

Books read in 2015: 163

Most read genre: Contemporary (52%)
Second most read genre: Fantasy (20%)
Genres read: Contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, dystopia, magical realism, horror

Publication Year
Most common: 2015 (67%)
Second most common: 2014 (15%)
Range of pub. year: 2007 - 2016
From finished* series: 39 (24% of all books)
From unfinished series: 53 (33% of all books)
Total books from series: 92

Place in series:
1st book: 61 (66%)
2nd book: 22 (24%)
3rd book: 6 (7%)
4th book: 3 (6%)

Number of series I finished: 12
Number of those series that were duologies: 7

Books reviewed: 112 (68%)
Books that got a brief statement*: 37 (23%)
Still on list to review: 7 (4%)

That's 95% of the books that I wrote something about or will be writing something about. That is higher than I expected!

*Brief statements were either made on Goodreads shortly after reading the book and/or was posted on any of my Shoutout To the Ones I Didn't Review posts.

Books from Netgalley/Edelweiss: 63 (39%)
Books I bought: 43 (26%)

The last 35% were print review copies, gifts, freebies, etc. Some books I got through NG/EW weren't counted because I put them under blog tour instead.

Review copies: 93 (57%)
Non-review copies: 70 (43%)

Books by authors I hadn't read before 2015: 102 (63%)

Most common number of words in titles: 3
50 (31%) of the books had 3 words in their titles.

Second most common number of words in titles: 2
33 (22%) of the books had 2 words in their titles.

Average rating (half stars included): 3.88 stars

I read a lot of really good books this year! I have a chart for the ratings later in the post.

Some Charts

It doesn't surprise me that I read mostly YA! I'm pretty happy that I read a good number of NA books (especially since I know I loved a lot of them).

It really doesn't surprise me that I read mostly digital books, but I am pretty happy that I read quite a few print books! In case you're wondering, DRCs are digital review copies of finished books and Adobe are books that I had to read on my computer.

I obviously liked or loved most of the books I read in 2015! I rated 72% of them 4 or more stars, which is definitely okay with me.☺ As for books I didn't finish, I DNFed 16. There were also 3 books that I started and just . . . put on pause for some reason (all of them felt like 5 star reads, so I'm not counting them as DNFs).

Some Visuals

55% of the books I read (which is 90 of them) had between 300 and 399 pages! When combining percentages, 25% (or 40) of the books I read had 400+ pages.

I hope you liked the post! Do you love bookish stats? (I assume you do if you read this entire post.)

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