Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Recap + January Stuff

HELLO, 2016!!! I'm not going to do a big recap for 2015 (though I will post some book and reading stats soon). This will be just a regular monthly recap.☺

December Recap

Life and Blog Wise
The beginning of the month sucked, but once winter break, things got a lot better. My mood improved quite a bit. I feel like it's the happiest I've felt in months, which felt so nice!

Some awesome things happened on the blog. I launched a new feature (Reading List), which is a reverse playlist where I give you a list of books I think go well with individual songs. I posted about some changes that are coming to this blog. and even not much has gone into effect yet, it's made me feel a lot better about blogging in 2016. My review format has changed! Some of the ones I post this month may not have that format because I read them before making the change, but after that, I think most of my reviews will be set up like this one. And lastly, I posted about my 2016 reading challenges and goals!

Reading Wise
I got a lot of reading done! I managed to read the entire Archer of Avalon series and live DM my reaction to Holly (the one that pushed the series onto me). That helped make Anew, Awry, and Avow the most fun books I read in December. My favorite book was Addicted to You, though, closely followed by The Night Circus (which is beautifully written). Loud is How I Love You had the most drama! The Darkest Minds was INTENSE. I really liked The Girl From Everywhere. The concepts were pretty creative. Changing His Game and Playing For Her Heart were the quickest reads (I read them both in one night). They were also...definitely the steamiest. I managed to read half of The Fixer and The Well of Ascension before 2016 started.

How I Did on My Goals
I did this . . . in bursts. The last week was full of reading, but I barely read during the week of Christmas.
  • Choose my next read with a TBR jar at least twice.
WHOA. I DID THIS ONE TOO. The Night Circus and Endure were TBR jar picks!
  • Post something about my 2015 reading stats.
Not yet! It'll be up tomorrow or the next day, though. I wanted to squeeze in as much reading as I could in the last few days of the year, so I couldn't post my complete stats, could I?
  • And, as always, do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
I only got four review copies! *cheers loudly* Titans, The Serpent King, Liars and Losers Like Us, and The Rule of Mirrors were the additions to my review TBR.
  • Turn my phone off more often. It helps me stay focused, and since I want to read a lot, using my phone less will help a lot.
I sorta did was towards the beginning of the month, though. 

January Stuff

Book Haul

Not shown: The Alloy of Law, The Girl, The Boy, The Prophecy, Awry, Dirty Deeds, Traffick, Never Always Sometimes, First Test, Lady Knight, Liars and Losers Like Us, The Rule of Mirrors, and The Serpent King.

Thank you to Stephanie, Meredith, S. Usher Evans, Scholastic, Victoria Scott, Roaring Brook Press, Sky Pony Press, Crown Books for Young Readers, Edelweiss, Netgalley, for these books!

  • Read as much as I can!
  • Read at least one self published book.
  • Stick to my TBR choices enough that 75% of the books that I read this month come from that list. (I wonder if this will help at all...)
  • Catch up in reviews.
  • Keep up to date with the 100 days of productivity I'm doing. (I'm posting on Tumblr with the hashtag #blogger100days! Some other bloggers and I are doing this together. It'll be fun.☺)
  • Do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
  • Keep up with my personal challenge on Instagram, which I'm posting under #attemptingabookishphotochallenge.
  • Post three more Reading Lists! (I have one scheduled. Two others just need to be made.)
  • Comment on blogs at least 15 days this month.
Here are the books I want to read this month! 
How did December go for you? Do you have a recap for December or all of 2015? How about goal posts? I would love to check them out.☺

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