Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Reading List For "Isabella" (Dia Frampton)

Reading List is a reverse playlist. Instead of sharing a list of songs that can go with the book in some way, I'm going to share a list of books that go with one song in some way. 
Ah, I love "Isabella." It has a story to it! I always picture a young girl who isn't happy at her home (it could be hometown) for whatever reason, so she runs off and tries to make a better life for herself (or maybe she just leaves for a little bit to have an adventure). There's a certain innocence to the song that makes it sweet, but the lyrics give it a hint of sadness.

Isabella, Isabella, I heard you crying through the walls
What's the matter? What's the matter?
All the neighbors hear it down the hall

And I didn't want to be the first to say
Everyone around here thinks you're crazy
And I didn't want to be the first to say you shouldn't stay,
Isabella run away
The Reading List
I was looking for books where an innocent of sheltered character left their home suddenly. I also looked for books that had a fairy tale like quality because that's how the song feels to me.
Cress is kinda perfect for this post. Cress is the character I've started associating "Isabella" since she's an innocent character that had a bad home life. Plus, there's that fairy tale like quality because of the Rapunzel connection!

Devoted has a strong connection to this song as well! Rachel is incredibly sheltered and, while I'm looking back on her story, it was like some force was beckoning her towards a better life (like Dia Frampton seems to be doing in her song).

I'm hesitating to include Cut Me Free because it's so DARK. I also don't remember it very well. However, there is a little girl that gets saved from a bad home life. The music doesn't go with the book at all, but the story I get from the song does. 

Perfected took a little bit of digging because it's not something that my mind automatically goes to when I listen to the song. There's some darkness wrapped up in a sweeter (or seemingly perfect in this case) package, though. Ella is pretty innocent and sheltered, too.

A Book Request
Normally, I would include a book from my TBR that I think may go with this book, but I'm having trouble thinking of one! Are there any 2016 contemporaries you think would go well with the song?

Do you think these books go well with the song? Are there any books you think should be added?

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