Saturday, February 20, 2016

An Anime Update ~ Everything I've Seen So Far

Back in October, I was convinced to start watching anime! I'm still pretty new to it (I think?) and I haven't mentioned it very much here, but I figured that I might as start doing that. It's been eating a loooot of my reading time this past week. It sure deserves a post. :D

I'm going to include all the anime I've seen so far, including seasons I've completed and ones I just started. I'll attempt to quickly summarize some of them.
Finished Shows and Seasons
Ouran High School Host Club

This was the first one I watched! I frequently see it recommended as a starting point and I definitely agree. It's adorable. And there are so many goofy characters that you can't help but like. I had a lot of fun watching this one. I wasn't ready for it to end, though. :(

Clannad + Clannad After Story

This anime is so lovely and happy, but it's also SAD. (Yes, it's both happy and sad and it's wonderful.) I cried near the beginning of Clannad, but way more in the last couple episodes of Clannad After Story. There's a lot of cute characters in this one!

Death Note

Looooovvveeee. The concept is so great. It's about a guy that discovers a notebook that he can kill people with by writing their name on the pages. The deaths that he anonymously administered attracts the attention of investigators, including the super smart L. I ADORE that character. I liked the first half of the show way more than the second half, but the ending is really good.

Sword Art Online (season 1)

I have mixed feelings about SAO. The players of a new Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game become trapped inside and are told that the only way out is to beat the game (beat level 100, that is). Oh, and when they die in the game, they die in their real life (where they're left comatose). I love this concept! The art is gorgeous and the fight scenes are pretty fun. I just wasn't always into the storyline. It was a bit jumpy in the beginning and the second half didn't seem as interesting. But it's still a nice show!

Black Butler (season 1)

I love this one!! It may be tied for my favorite so far because I loved the art, story, and characters. The setting (Victorian era England) and the paranormal elements are also great.  Sebastion is such a cool character--one hell of a butler, too. ;)

Black Rock Shooter

This is such a pretty anime! The story is about a group of young girls and their pain (and how they handle it). It alternates between the human world and Black Rock Shooter's fantasy world, which has absolutely beautiful artwork. The characters in the human world lead normal lives, but the ones in the fantasy world focus solely on fighting each other. My favorite part was seeing how the two worlds connected.☺

Tokyo Ghoul (both seasons)

This is about a guy that gets turned into a half-ghoul. It feels odd to sum it up like that because there's SO MUCH MORE to it, but that could get lengthy. :D This and Black Butler tie as my favorites so far. The story is amazing! It's also heartbreaking in so many ways. :( The art is some of my favorite that I've seen in anime so far. (It's very bloody, though.)

Kill la Kill

This one is WEIRD. It can be summed up as a war between humans and clothing. It's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen, but I really liked it? It was supposed to be ridiculous and a bit nonsensical, though (some of the characters even mention that it's how they are), which was one of my favorite things about it. I don't necessarily recommend it, but I had fun with it.

Everything Else I've Seen
The Future Diaries (currently watching) - It's not turning out to be one of my favorites, but I like it! Think a group of 12 people given cell phones that tell the near future and have to find and kill each other off. Oh, and one of them is in love with one of the others--in an obsessive, yandere way.

Durarara!! (kinda-sorta watching?) - I've seen three episodes and ehhhhh. I was told it starts off really slow, though, so I'll try pushing through it.

Naruto (watched one episode to see what it was like) - I'm not totally against the idea of continuing this one someday, but the entire thing (with Naruto and the continuation show) is 600+ episodes and that is wayyy too daunting for me.

Inuyasha (on pause) - I watched four episodes and *shrugs*. I'm not interested in watching more.

Rosario + Vampire (dropped) - It took two episodes for me to know that this isn't for me. 


Do you watch anime, too? What are your favorites? Do you have any recommendations?

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