Sunday, February 28, 2016

Attacking a Monthly TBR When You Have a Mountain of Books

This post can also be called "How to Make a TBR List," but that's not quite as fun, is it?

I'll dive in with . . .
Step One
Bravely approach your entire TBR. TBRs can be imposing things and need to approached with great valor.
Hey, I have dragons to help me!
Step Two
Assess your priorities. Blog tours? Review copies releasing soon? Books you just want to get to already because you've been putting them off for ever?

Step Three
Make a list! This can be in a notebook, on your phone, on your blog, on a whiteboard--just pick a place. Write down the books you want to read. You can also load up your TBR with way more than you know you can read just to give yourself a ton of options. You can also write down categories (review copy, comic, adult fantasy, book club read, reread, etc.) that you would like to fill in instead of titles if you want. Just do whatever works for you.
Huh. I'm actually serious with this step. I'm not serious with that TBR in the real one isn't made yet. Whoops.

Step Four
Start off the month with enthusiasm! Or maybe dread if you're not looking forward to reading any of the books on your that case, maybe you should redo step three so you can put books you're excited about on there...

Step Five
Sometime after that enthusiasm fades (it could take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks--it's typically half a month for me), kick your entire TBR list to the curb and forget that you had plans. Just go with your gut. If needed, repeat step one if your gut says READ EVERYTHING.

Step Six
Stumble across that list you made in step three at the end of the month and make sure you've crossed out all the ones you've read. 
I crossed out six books! I read four of them, DNFed one, and skim reread another. This is typically how my TBR lists look like at the end of the month...
Step Seven (Completely Optional)
Post about how far you strayed from your original TBR for the month on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Or you can be like me and disguise the experience as a "how to" of sorts, equipped with pictures, gifs, and explanations. Post it before the month officially ends because, let's face it, you aren't going to read anything else from that abandoned TBR list of yours.

When you're all done with these steps, feel free to start all over again with the new month. ☺

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