Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Recap + February Stuff

Happy February! I like this month, especially when it's leap year.☺

January Recap

Life and Blog Wise
January was a nice month! I started a couple new classes. I love my financial accounting class! My English class isn't quite as great, but I'm liking it. It was a pretty good month socially because I hung out with friends outside the college more often than usual (instead of just talking about wanting to go somewhere--we tend to do that a lot). Show wise, I finished Jessica Jones and started Daredevil. I also started watching Black Butler, which is definitely proving to be interesting.

Blogging was mostly ehh this month. I had some pretty exciting author features for Natalie Blitt and Emily Henry. I also wrote a post answering the question How in the World Do You Resist Requesting ARCs? with some things I've been trying out (and have had a lot of success with). Other than that, though, I didn't feel like blogging much. I kinda went on a hiatus, though I didn't realize it was a hiatus until late last week. I should be blogging more in February. I'll at least have a ton of reviews. :D

Reading Wise
January was the month of amazing heroines! I absolutely loved Caroline from Deeper, Mercedes from Firsts, Lyssa/Razia from the Razia series, and Paige from Paige in Progress. Each of them were awesome characters, but in their own ways. My favorite book of the month was Firsts, closely followed by Deeper. I loved the romances in Brighton Walsh's books and Natalie Blitt's debut. The Imposter Queen had an interesting world, though I'm not finding the book that memorable anymore. Other Broken Things and the Sage Teon received my lowest ratings (3.5 and 3), which aren't even low. I had a really good reading month! The Deal was a really fun read.☺
Books I read from, but haven't finished: The Well of Ascension, Cam Girl, Reign of Shadows, Perfect Kind of Trouble. I also read the second half of The Fixer.

How I Did on My Goals
  • Read as much as I can!
I sure did this!
  • Read at least one self published book.
I read four (plus a short story)! I set out to read just Double Life, but I ended up binge reading the entire series because I was so into it.
  • Stick to my TBR choices enough that 75% of the books that I read this month come from that list. (I wonder if this will help at all...)
I read 13 whole books and the first 7 came from my TBR list. None of the books on that top line were on my TBR. :D So I failed this one.
  • Catch up in reviews.
Yes!! I have done this--I just still have a bunch to post.
  • Keep up to date with the 100 days of productivity I'm doing. (I'm posting on Tumblr with the hashtag #blogger100days! Some other bloggers and I are doing this together. It'll be fun.)
Ha! Nope.
  • Do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
I added five, so I did reach this one!
  • Keep up with my personal challenge on Instagram, which I'm posting under #attemptingabookishphotochallenge.
*shakes head* Nope.
  • Post three more Reading Lists! (I have one scheduled. Two others just need to be made.)
I posted two: "Isabella" by Dia Frampton and "Savages" by Marina and the Diamonds. I'm pretty happy with how that turned out.
  • Comment on blogs at least 15 days this month.
Fail. I accomplished about half of this, though? (If I didn't go on that hiatus, I probably would've reached that one).

February Stuff

  • Like always, do not add a larger number of review copies to my TBR than the number of books (including finished copies) I read or DNF this month.
  • Stick to my TBR list for at least 60% of what I read.
  • Read mostly review copies this month (so at least 51% should come from my review TBR). I want to see if I can manage to do that. :D
  • Post all the reviews I wrote for the books I read in January. (I have 12 finished or almost finished.)
  • Post another discussion.
  • Post another Reading List.
  • Comment on blogs at least 10 days this month.
TBR List
You may have to click on the photos to see the list more clearly. As always, I'm giving myself a LOT of options. I'm obviously not going to read all of the books on the list. :D

How did the first month of the new year go for you? Did you read any great books??

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