Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Out of Your Comfort Zone"

The Top Ten Tuesday for next week is on books that you enjoyed recently that weren't your typical read or were out of your comfort zone. The "out of your comfort zone" bit has me thinking...what IS my comfort zone? What even makes a type of book go out of it? Is it because I usually dislike a certain type of book or is it because I'm more reluctant to give it a try?
Comfort Zones Aren't Always About 
What You Enjoy Reading
My journey with New Adult has been...kinda a strange one. I first got into it in the summer of 2012, which was a year before I started blogging. It was also before I got into reviewing books. I had no problems with the stories or the content or the category as a whole--in fact, I LOVED the NAs I read. It was very much within my comfort zone.

But when I started blogging, I pulled back a bit on the category. I don't know if it was changing or if I was becoming more reluctant to read it (or both), but a lot of it felt out of my comfort zone. I still read it, but I was focused on finding "cleaner" books. I find that kinda funny now because I don't think I ever had a problem with the content and certain scenes (I was more worried about that taking over the story and becoming the entire point). NA was probably out of my comfort zone because it's known for having a lot of sex and that's a topic that I just NEVER about with anyone. Showing an interest in NA publicly (AKA on the internet) was what pushed into that uncomfortable zone.

That has changed a lot over the past year, though. I've become way more comfortable with the topic (I even sometimes address sex scenes in reviews), so NA is back within my comfort zone. I don't see a point in being uncomfortable with it anymore, especially since I really like most of the NAs I read. I connect and relate to many of the characters and many of them grow SO MUCH. There's a lot I love about the category, but I would need an entire different post to discuss that. :D

All this said, when I think of comfort zones, I don't necessarily think of types of books I enjoy vs. ones I don't enjoy. I think of the level of comfort I feel when it comes to the idea of reading certain types of books. There are some genres or types of books that I tend to enjoy reading, but I'm not as comfortable with them as others.
What Is Out of My Comfort Zone, Then?
YA contemporaries with zero romance in them - I oftentimes go to YA contemporary when I'm in the mood for something romance-y, so I kinda have to force myself to read the ones that I know don't have any romance. It doesn't make me like the books any less, but it does make me a bit more reluctant to dive into them.

YA historical fiction - Like I said, it can be a hit or a miss for me. It can be super sloooowwwww and I'm not a huge fan of slogging through books.

Classics - I've liked most of the classics I've read! I just have a hard time making myself read them. They take me longer to read. There are so many that I do want to read, but I keep gravitating towards books I'm comfortable with.

Science Fiction - This can be another hit or miss, so I can be really reluctant to pick up a book in this genre unless I hear REALLY good things about it. I oftentimes consider it my least favorite genre, but I feel bad saying that because there's quite a few sci-fi (including dystopia sci-fis) that I absolutely LOVE.
Genres I Don't Read
I guess you can say giving new genres a try is out of my comfort zone, though I can't say the same about any the particular genres because I haven't had enough experience with them to say that.

Adult historical romance (specifically regency) is one of the genres that I don't believe I've tried at all. YA HF can be a hit or a miss for me, but I can get much more into it when there's romance in it. So, adult HF might be within my comfort zone without me even knowing it.

Other genres I don't read (or haven't read much from): MG, nonfiction, erotica, religious fiction, comic books, manga.
What About You?
What does "out of your comfort zone" mean to you? Are there any genres that you're really into now that used to be out of your comfort zone? 

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