Monday, February 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (45) ~ My Reading List Castoffs

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and a weekly meme where we simply make a top ten list for the week's topic.

This week is all about music and books! There doesn't seem to a concrete topic, so I'm going with...

Top Ten Songs That I Failed At Making Full Reading Lists For
I have a feature that focuses on giving a Reading List (think of it as a reverse playlist) for specific songs. I've had a lot of ideas for it, but there are songs that I have trouble with pairing with more one or two books. Since I aim for at least four books for the lists, I have to put some ideas aside. So, this list is of some abandoned Reading Lists.☺

"Sex Yeah" - Marina and the Diamonds
In Deeper, Caroline's ex posts naked photos of her online and she's left to deal with the fallout. She feels beaten down in the beginning, but she realizes that she has nothing to be ashamed of. It seems to fit "Sex Yeah" because both are focused on how sex is treated in society in some way. 

"Sober" - Niykee Heaton
The song goes so well with this book! Addicted to You features an alcoholic and sex addict enabling each other's addictions, but finding the situation much tougher when emotions are involved and other people start noticing their habits. Here are some lyrics from the song: "I'm still lying awake by your side / & even though I know I shouldn't I'm / Feeding the monsters I'm afraid to fight."

"I'm Yours" - Alessia Cara
Winter does NOT let many people in, and the lyrics of "I'm Yours" reminds me a lot of her and Cade's journey. This part especially makes the song fit: "But I tore down my walls / And opened my doors / And made room for one / So baby I'm yours."

"Jet Black Heart" - 5 Seconds of Summer
This isn't a strong pairing, but I was listening to this song while reading a scene (think the morning after a dance) and it suddenly seemed PERFECT. It seems to be fit that part and Mercedes and Zach's relationship more than the book as a whole.

"I Think I'm in Love" - Kat Dahlia
This song reminds me of the moments when Joss starts realizing her feelings for Matt, especially in the chorus: "I didn't think it could be true / Let alone that it would be you."

"Give Me Love" - Ed Sheeran
"Give Me Love" has so much passion and love and pain in it. It reminds me of Zed and Aly's story in the District Ballet Company books. Both the series and the song are intense and beautiful--add in lyrics that fit with the couple and it's a perfect pairing!

"Harlem" - New Politics
If this book were a movie, I imagine this song playing in a scene when the characters are traveling to New York or maybe at some point when they're in the city. 

First of all, I keep picturing that cover when I listen to the song. The story and its vibe also goes with it! Both are a little dark and the song seems more of a mystery/thriller song than a dystopia one. (It's on on the Mockingjay soundtrack.)

"Hello" - Adele
I really wanted to make a Reading List post for "Hello," but I had the hardest time. I think I was too focused on pairing the lyrics with a character's story. I keep connecting it to The Opportunist, though. There's definitely a lot of distance between Olivia and Caleb (though it's because he lost his memory) and there's a lot that she could say sorry for. 

"Colors" - Halsey
Halsey's music and Cam Girl are PERFECT for each other. "Colors" is the one that reminds me of the book the most (despite the fact that I haven't even read more than half of it yet). The entire Badlands album can fit with it, though.

What do you think of my pairings? Are there any other books you would pair with the songs I included?

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