Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mood, Format, and Genres

Hey there! I was reading on my Kindle and my mind started drifting to a discussion idea. (I swear I wasn't reading a bad book!) I started thinking of my mood and how it's linked to the formatting of what I'm reading. Sometimes I put off reading some books just because it's a certain format! I just . . . don't feel like dealing with it at the time.

Print vs Ebooks
I've been more in the mood for print books lately. They're pretty. I can use a real bookmark. They're easier to photograph for an IG update. Being able to post the actual page number on Goodreads can be nice (since ebooks don't always have it), unless my copy doesn't match up with the GR editions. I can feel the pages. And I don't have to worry about a battery. Nice, right?

Sometimes I don't feel like reading print at all, though. Ebooks can be more convenient. If I want to start a book at night, I'm more likely to go to my phone or Kindle because the lighting in my room can be a complete pain. I have to angle the book towards the light and sometimes I have to tilt it back and forth in order to see anything. It can be so much easier to just read on a screen. 

Hardcover vs Paperback
Hardcovers are nice and sturdy and paperbacks can be easy to flip through quickly. Sometimes I'm more drawn to a paperback because it's lighter. On the other hand, hardcover is my favorite format to read it! This hasn't happened often, but I've pushed some books back because they were paperbacks and I wanted to read a hardcover... (Please tell I'm not the only person who has done this. O_O)

Kindle vs Phone App
I've been reading more on my phone lately! If I start a book on there, I'm kinda reluctant to switch over to my Kindle Touch. I consider switching at times, then go UGGGHHH, NO when I'm eyeing it. (That poor, poor ereader.) Sometimes I feel that way about reading on my Kindle before I even start a book and I go to my phone app instead. I find this to be really weird because I used to hate reading on the app...
Specific Genres
I don't think I'm that picky about which genres I read in what format, but it's worth bringing up. Mood is oftentimes associated with genres/types of books, so hey, can't format affect that as well?

Whenever I want to romance, I look to my digital collection because it feels like I'm even more sucked in when I read it on my Kindle or phone. I've been going to my Kindle when I want something that I can read quickly. It's like a break between other genres--or formats. I think I prefer fantasy in print, but I end up reading it more on my Kindle. YA in print seems way more appealing to me than in ebook, but then again, I'm just more in the mood for print at the moment.

It's possible that the formats I'm in the mood for are more connected to specific genres, but I don't believe I've been paying enough attention to my reading habits to figure that out. Hmm...

What About You?
What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever feel more in the mood for one format over the other? Do you have any go-to genres for when you're in the mood to read an ebook over a print book (or vice versa)? Let me know! I'm really curious. :)

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