Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Cycle of Reading Multiple Books At Once

Note: this cycle and its order may vary quite a bit from reader to reader, but many are what I think of as key points in the process. I've drawn from my own experience for this. :D

*pick up a second book*

Maybe the first one was boring. Or really long. Or you wanted to do a buddy read. It could be anything! Two books isn't a lot, right? You can switch between the two pretty easily, right?

It's no big deal.

*start a third book . . . before finishing the other two*

So, apparently neither of the other books could hold your attention long enough. Or maybe you had to start something for school or participate in a reading event or whatever. YOU'RE READING THREE BOOKS RIGHT NOW. But it's not too bad, right?

It's only a slightly bigger deal.

*finish a book and immediately start a new one . . . then another one*

This doesn't necessarily have to happen when you're reading three books, but you have to finish one of your books sooner or later, right? Maybe? You may also be hit with the desire to READ EVERYTHING AT ONCE SO YOU START A COUPLE--not just one--MORE BOOKS. ON THE SAME DAY.

Are you wondering if anyone else does this? *beckons closer**whispers* A lot of us do it. Welcome to the multiple-books-at-once club.

*forget the number of books on the currently reading pile*

It can be really, really easy to forget about one of the books you're reading, especially if you started it a month...or two ago. It's only natural. 

*start working on finishing some of the books*

Ahh, this is the moment when you decide that enough is enough and you just need to finish things with what you're already reading. This could take awhile, but you're sooooo determined to get through the pile before starting something else.

*decide that's taking too long and start another book anyway*

Too many books, too little time, right? It's just one book, so it can't be a big deal, right? Plus, if you read one or two of the other books you were reading, then starting a new one is a pretty good treat.

*take a look at the pile and run away to Twitter instead*

THE PILE IS SO BIG. It could be five, six, ten books by this point. Twitter can be really appealing at this point. It's appealing at any point, but when you're facing that many books to finish? It can be a safe haven from that intimidating sight.

*suddenly decide to finish pile and actually DO IT*


This step could easily become the *start working on finishing some of the books* part of the cycle if your determination isn't strong enough.

*dive into a new book and become determined to just read that for now*

Hey, you might be successful at this! A break from reading multiple books at once is nice. (And it's something I'm hoping to feel before too long...) You may even say that you want to keep being a book monogamist because it feels that refreshing*

*pick up a second book soon afterward and go through the whole process all over again*

Damn. That didn't last long.

Question time!
Do you ever read multiple books at once? Can you relate to any of these parts of the cycle?

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