Friday, April 15, 2016

How My Week Went ~ Elantris, Alessia Cara, and Virtual Trees

Time for another weekly update! I still don't have an official title, but this isn't so bad for now, right? The categories are the same as last week. Let me know if you think I should add another category or if you would like to see something else included in my weekly recaps! :)

Reading Update
This was a slower reading week! I finished two books and read 30-ish percent of The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May. 

Elantris by Brandon Sanders on (4 stars) - I started listening to the audiobook back in February and I'm FINALLY DONE WITH IT. I spent an entire day listening to the second half (alternating between 2x and 3x speeds because that's about 12 hours at 1x) because I was hooked and had to know what would happen next.

The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins (3 stars) - Cool ideas, not that exciting of an execution! I got bored with this one. My review is on Goodreads, but I'll post it here soon.
Readathon Progress
ARC April - 7

Not much progress this week, but I'm joining the #AuthorAThon this week and will hopefully read a bunch of ARCS!

I've been mainly listening to Alessia Cara's music! I don't think there's any songs of hers that I don't like, which isn't common for me. For most artists, there's usually a few songs that I avoid listening to. "Scars to Your Beautiful" is my favorite at the moment because it's so beautiful. I get choked up while listening to that sometimes, especially when I pay close attention to the lyrics.
App: I watched a video about an app called Forest, which can be really helpful when you want to stay focused on reading or being productive. You plant virtual trees, but you have to stay in the app for an X amount of time in order for it to grow. If you leave the app, the tree will die. It's purpose is to stop you from using your phone when you're trying to stay focused on a task. I love it!

Books (not released): I discovered quite a few books releasing either late this year or in 2017! The one I'm most excited for is Clara Kensie's Aftermath because I really liked her Run to You series. Also, KATHERINE LOCKE HAS A YA RELEASING NEXT YEAR. It's called The Girl with the Red Balloon and it sounds amazing! Katherine is a fantastic writer.

Anime: I started Toradora! and I absolutely adore it! I knew of it before this week, but I didn't pay much attention to it. There's a hate-to-love romance that I shouldn't be surprised to love since I love that in books. I did discover a newer one called Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinji that's about comedic storytellers.

General Life Blogging Stuff
This week wasn't too bad! I made the decision to step back from Twitter for awhile (post about that coming soon) and I feel really good about it. You'll still see an occasional tweet from me and get replies to any mentions/DMs, but I'm not going to be very active on there. I always remember how much I love blogging when I'm not as immersed in social media, so I have a lot of blogging energy right now. :D I have a bunch of List Love ideas and have come up with plans for a new irregular feature, and I'm so excited to work on all of it!

Plans For The Upcoming Week
I'm hoping to do quite a bit of blogging this week! I want to post a couple reviews, a List Love, and some booktube recommendations. My post about my Twitter break and related stuff will be up this week as well. I've been having a lot of issues with my computer, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do. I did put this post together on my phone, but it's not a fun process.

Other than that, I don't have much going on this week. I have shopping plans with a friend! I also have an Ipsy package and a book arriving in the next few days. My TBR for this week is my Author-A-Thon TBR. :)

That's it for this week! Since this is just the first week back at weekly updates, this format could change in the next few weeks. If my computer cooperates next week, I would love to add more links to awesome posts and videos I came across.

How was your week? Read anything great?

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