Saturday, April 9, 2016

How My Week Went ~ So Much For the Creativity in Week One

I decided to get back to weekly updates, but I'm not doing so well on deciding on a title. It...might remain How My Week Went until I come up with something more creative.

Reading Update
Sooooo...I was in a good reading mood this week. I thought I was going to be in a book hangover after finishing AGOS, but instead it made me want to do nothing but dive into a bunch of other books back to back. (Titles in Purple bold count towards ARC April.)

A Gathering of Shadows (5 stars) - I won't be reviewing this one, but WHOA. THE FEELS. Also, Lila and Kell are my newest ship. I can't remember if I shipped them in ADSOM, but in this book? Yessss.

The Island (4 stars) - This has a lovely forbidden, hate to love romance set on an abandoned island! It has an ugly war happening in its world. Review coming 4/10.

Summer of Sloane (4 stars) - There was a lot of bitter feelings and drama (cheating was involved), but it managed to be a happy, uplifting story. Review coming this month.

Unrivaled (3.5 stars) - I wanted this one to be super scandalous, but it felt flat until the last quarter or so. The story was cool, though. Review coming this month.

Suffer Love (4 stars) - Soooooo sweet! I really liked the romance and the family aspect. Review coming this month.

Saga volume two (4 stars) - I'm having a great time with this series! I wanted to immediately dive into the next volume after finishing this one, but I don't have it yet. I'm hooked on the story. No review for this one!

Out of Frame (4 stars, possibly 3.5) - As always, Megan Erickson has created a great pairing. J. R. and Quinn are so good together! I didn't like it as much as Trust the Focus or Focus on Me, though. Review coming this month.

Readathon Progress
ARC April - 6
Bookish Bingo Readathon - 6 books
#TBRTakedown - 2

I feel pretty good about this! I don't usually do well with readathons, and I sure don't remember to update my progress often.

Electric Love by B├śRNS is my favorite song of this week! It came on as I was reading The Island and I realized that it fits the romance very well and now I'm stuck listening to it over and over. :D  Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of Christina Aguilera.

With all the time I spent in books this week, I don't have much to report here. BUT. I DISCOVERED A BOOK THAT I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR.

S. Usher Evans is releasing a collection of short stories for her Razia series!! I adore the characters and any more time I get to spend with them sounds great to me. I'm especially excited for the two epilogue stories that take place after the end of the series. 

General Life Stuff
I read books and did homework. Oh, how exciting this update is. :D I am spending time with a friend this weekend, though. A lot of anime will be watched and a lot of tea will be consumed. We settled on Chrono Crusade, but who knows? We may watch something else as well.

Plans For The Upcoming Week
I'll be posting a review/SST post tomorrow and possibly a TTT, but I don't have much else planned at the moment. A lot of my blogging time will be spent on stuff you won't see for at least a couple weeks (I think).

As for reading, I want to at least get to Exit, Pursued by a Bear and Silver Shadows. I'm sticking with ARCs for the rest of the week! I'm not sure what I'll end up reading, but I seem to be on a contemporary kick.

That's it for this week! Since this is just the first week back at weekly updates, this format could change in the next few weeks. I'm playing around with it.

How was your week? Read anything great?

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