Friday, April 1, 2016

March Recap + April Stuff

Happy April, everyone!

March Recap

Life and Blog Wise
March was nice! It wasn't that eventful, but some good things happened. I got an Ipsy Glam Bag! I've been curious about makeup and since Ipsy is just $10 a month and it can include hair care and skin care items (which I'm really into), I thought I might as well try it. I'm keeping three of the items: the eyeliner, the volume mist (LOVEEE), and a primer. I'm giving the brush and blush to a friend. 

Let's see...what else happened? I watched a lot of Ink Master and Amazing Race with my mom. I watched a lot of booktube on my own. I had a ton of fights with my computer. I discovered a lot of new anime . . . and then proceeded to not watch much of it. I started the show Lucifer, which is FUNNY. :D

Blogging wise, it was the best month of the year. I published 17 posts (more than I posted in January or February) and came up with a lot of ideas for posts and the blog itself. I'm not sure how many of those I'll go through with, but I like that the ideas have been flowing. My favorite posts were List Love ~ When Book Love Fades and The Cycle of Reading Multiple Books At Once. I caught up on a bunch of reviews, but I still feel out of practice with writing them since I haven't been doing that much lately.

Reading Wise
It was an okay reading month! The best book I read was Gena/Finn, which I'll be reviewing later this month. Corrupt was the biggest surprise. I still have a review draft for that one, but I think I'll keep my review to Goodreads and Amazon. Saga was my first real experience with comics and now I really want to get my hands on the second volume. The Percy Jackson books were both rereads! The Well of Ascension was the biggest accomplishment. I started that at the end of 2015 and I finally finished it. We are the Ants made me think quite a bit. My favorite review of the month is for that one (guest review at Reading Teen).

Last Month's Goal:
Get. Shit. Done.

Er...I sorta accomplished that? I intended to do a lot more than I ended up doing. :/

April Stuff

I'm going to stick with monthly themes for awhile! For April, I'm going with two. Because I can do that.

Take a Leap
Get Caught Up

ARC April will help with the second goal! I've fallen way behind in my reviewing pile. The first one refers to . . . things that some of you may know about. Yes, I'm vague for a reason. :D

Posts You Will/May See
I have a lot of posts I want to do, but I have very little set in stone. Let me know if you're intrigued by any of these! Some of them have possible titles already and others are just post types.

Two Sunday Street Team posts - April 3rd and 10th
The Year of Trying New Things?
Playing Around With TBR Jars
Books That Smash The Boundaries
List Love ~ When Book Love Grows With Time
Behind the scenes look on my reviewing process
Review/discussion on Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Reading Challenge check in (for past three months)
A tag? (I really want to do one, but I don't know which! Feel free to tag me in one. ;))
Lots of ARC reviews
Another anime update
Weekly updates (I miss doing them...)
+ whatever random ideas I come up with

ARC April + Bookish Bingo Readathon
I posted my sign up for ARC April and I'm really excited that it's started!! I'm trying to reading mostly ARCs this month and I think the challenge will help. I'm also going to participate in the Bookish Bingo Readathon that's running from April 3rd through 9th.

How was your March? What did you read? Are you participating in any April challenges or readathons?

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