Sunday, May 1, 2016

How My Week Went ~ Last Week of April + Some Monthly Recap Stuff

This is going to feel like a really short recap! Nothing much happened this past week. The computer situation is still the same, but I am managing to type this up on my mom's computer.

Reading Update
I went to the library this week! It was my first time checking out books directly from my local library instead of just going through OverDrive and it was so exciting! I browsed through their new section and picked up some books that I had never heard of before. I also looked at the graphic novel section.

Y: The Last Man volumes 1-3 (UnmannedCycles, and One Small Step) by Brian K. Vaughan - I like this series! I mainly like the concept and the characters. I'm not blown away by it, but I am going to read the rest of the volumes.

The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984: A Graphic Memoir by Riad Sattouf - This is wayy different from what I usually read. Between being a graphic memoir and being about a culture that I'm not that familiar with, I was out of my element. I really liked the art! And I really liked reading about Riad's experiences.

I also checked out a nonfiction book called In Our Own Image: Savior or Destroyer? The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence, which is interesting so far! Simone by Eduardo Lalo (translated by David Frye) was the last book I checked out, but I DNFed it pretty quickly. I couldn't get into the writing.

I didn't make any more progress on Outlander, but I will hopefully finish it this week!
Readathon Progress
I ended up with 11 ARCs for ARC April!

I also geared up for RYBSAT, which is going on from today through the 8th! Since I have a mystery TBR, I'm keeping each book a secret (even to myself) until I go to start a new book. The one I'm starting first is The Body Institute by Carol Riggs. I'll tweet or IG updates on my reading throughout the readathon.
Life Stuff
I've been so stir crazy lately (as I wrote about here), but I did take a shopping trip with some friends! That helped wasn't exactly the most pleasant day, but most of it did go well. I did my makeup and let my friends fuss over my hair--yes, that's a sentence I just wrote. I've been giving makeup a go and yesterday was one of the first times I ever wore it out of the house. And I've never been one to let people play with my hair, but I'm getting more comfortable with that.

I convinced one of my friends to start watching Supernatural a few weeks ago and now she's three or four seasons into it. I'M ONLY NINE SEASONS IN. SHE'S GOING TO GET FURTHER THAN ME AND I'VE BEEN WATCHING IT FOR YEARS. So now it looks like I'll be watching a ton of Supernatural this week... This always happens when I get people into shows. They get way further than I am. This happened when I recommended OUAT to my friend and The Walking Dead to my mom. But I can't let it happen with Supernatural. O_O

I picked up a toy for all three of the dogs at my house yesterday. I also got a tennis ball since Juno keeps hiding the other ones in the woods. One toy already has a bunch of holes in it and all of them seem to be missing already. I think Juno's hiding them in my brother's room...*hears squeaks from a toy as I'm typing* And now the other dogs don't have toys and I feel bad for them. :(

A Short April Recap
I read 21 books this month! I'm having trouble with getting a screenshot, but you can look through my April Weekly recaps if you're curious about what I read. Of the 21, there was 14 novels, 4 graphic novels, 1 graphic memoir, 1 manga, and 1 audiobook. A few were books I started before the month too. There are two books I started last month that I'm still reading. Overall, I found April to be an awesome month of reading! I liked the variety in the formats that I read. 

Best Books I Finished in April

As for last month's themes, I did well with one of them! Take a Leap was accomplished, though it's still in the process. I did sorta well with Get Caught Up, at least where reading was concerned. I did catch up a little in reviews.

May Theme
Since I have a lot of things to finish up and change before I can go on with other big plans, I need to...

Sort Things Out

I'm also going to keep going with Get Caught Up, but it's not as big of a priority as the other theme.

That's it for this week!

How was your week? Read anything great?

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