Friday, May 6, 2016

How to NOT Read a Book

Hello everyone!! I have a I have a lesson for anyone interested. As the title says, I'm going to tell you how to NOT read a book. All of my tips are all actions I've tested myself multiple times over the last few years. Each one has been very successful! I've avoided reading many, many books, including Clockwork Princess, Ruin and Rising, Silver Shadows, Vicious, and The Sea of Tranquility!

Now, let's get on to the lesson! There's a lot to cover and I bet you aren't looking for a lengthy intro. These tips are numbered, but not ordered in any particular order. They're great to combine too! These are meant to be used when not reading a specific book. For best results, apply this lesson when not reading books you genuinely do want to read. (I mean, it works for books you really don't want to read to, but those are easy to avoid.)

1. Look, but don't read.
*insert heart eye emojis*
There are so many wonderful covers to look at! If the one you want to avoid reading has a beautiful cover, just look at it and admire the prettiness. Take a picture or two. Look inside for nice chapter headings or end papers or whatnot. BUT DON'T READ THE WORDS. If you feel tempted, put the book down and do something else.

2. Think of how much you'd probably LOVE that book, but don't read it.

You aren't guaranteed to love it, so isn't it safe to just think about the book instead? Imagine the disappointment if you don't love it! *shudders*

3. Read reviews instead of the book.

Plenty of other people have (probably) read the book! You can just read what they thought. Live vicariously through them. And hey, there should be a good variety in the reviews.

4. If you can, read OTHER books by the same author.
If you're looking to not read all of an author's books, then this won't work. But if you're only targeting a specific book, then you can experience the author's writing in a different one! This is great to combine with #2 because it could help you think that the book really is one that you'd love.

5. Put it on your TBR for the month, season, etc. and then stay away from it.
There's Vicious among some  possible May reads!
This one is a bit risky because there's a chance that you might actually decide to read all of the books on your TBR, but it's still effective. Plus, if it's a rec from a friend, it'll make them happy to see that you're planning to read the book (even though you won't go through with it, if you following this lesson).

6. Keep saying "I want to read ________ soon!!" so it stays near the top of your TBR (and not on your finished reading pile).

It's good enough to keep it near the top of you TBR. It'll make it seem like you're going to read it at any moment, even though you won't. It's the thought that counts, right? This is a good tactic to use in the long run, so this could keep you from reading a book for a couple years.

7. Join a readalong for a book, but don't go through with reading along with everyone else!

Hey, at least they're fun to join! (Note: I haven't tested as much as the others, but I should have another testing opportunity soon...)

8. Make plans to read the book with a friend (or a group of people), then don't  go through with said plans.

This happens best when both/all of you are on the same page about not reading the book. If one of you starts reading it, then you're more likely to start it, and YOU CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN. For best results, pair with busy schedules and huge TBRs.

9. Hide the book from plain sight and don't go looking for it.

This is more suited to those who double stack their shelves or put some of their books in boxes. Or have a Kindle. It's easier to forget about a book if it's not staring at you from across the room and therefore, it's much easier to not read it.

That's it for my lesson today! Have you found any success with any of these tactics?? Are there any suggestions for not reading a book that I missed?

I hope you liked the post. :)

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