Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Year of Trying New Things

I feel like I gave a theme to 2016 without even meaning to, and that theme is trying a bunch of new things out. They aren't major, but more like things that I was reluctant to try or do before. And even though I'm still not a hugely adventurous person, I'm finding that I LOVE trying new things out and seeing how I react to them. I feel like I've discovered a new part of myself that's been hiding for the majority of my life!

What I've Been Doing So Far
Trying new restaurants with my mom

Okay, we started doing this last year, but I've been trying more food outside of my comfort zone this year. We went to this really cool bar and grill type place (thankfully, it allows minors before a certain time unlike most of the other places in town) that I absolutely love. There were a lot of people there and it was louder than most places I go to, but apparently that's the atmosphere that I get really into. I believe the burger I got was pesto sauce, sun dried tomatoes, spinach leaves, and feta cheese on focaccia bread. My safety food when going to restaurants is omelettes, but obviously this wasn't a breakfast place! Our most recent trip was to an Asian food restaurant that had decent food, but a much quieter atmosphere. We were the only people there when we ordered. We're trying Applebee's next. Yeah, I know, but that's a place we always feel meh about trying for some reason. I'm hoping the food is good...that's our early mother's day plans.

Trying new foods as well as ones I've always hated

I've started picking up a new type of dried fruit from the bulk food aisle each time I go to Winco. I have a bag of dried kiwi (meh) and this mango pineapple thing (good) that I'm slowly making my way through. (I'm slightly in love with bulk food.) I tried dragonfruit, stuffed mushrooms, goat cheese, and ricotta cheese. Even though I hate onion and dislike bell pepper, I haven't been pulling those off meals as much as usual. There are some instances where I've eaten mint chocolate because I didn't mind the taste. Oh! And coffee. There's a milkshake from Dutch Bros. that I swear has a little bit of coffee in it, but I actually don't hate it.

This doesn't seem like much, but it does feel very new to me! Maybe that's because I've been cooking a lot more lately...

Trying makeup and beauty products

Yes, I'm a 20 year old that is just now getting a genuine interest in makeup. It actually started with skin and hair care. Well, first, I've struggled with acne for a long time and finally got some products that have been working for me (cleanser toner, + essential oils face serum). I've struggled with my hair a lot too, but not as much. I alternate between Head and Shoulders and Tresemme and use a volumizing mist and I probably won't stray too far from that routine. I'm kinda in love with it. Hair and skin stuff is a big topic between me and a couple of my friends , which makes me more comfortable about trying things out in a way I didn't used to be.

Anyway, makeup. I gave Ipsy a go and have gotten some basics from the bags (which are super handy with storing items, by the way). I've tried out eyeliner, an eye brightening pencil, lip creme, and a shimmery eye shadow. I also bought mascara, which I've been curious about for ages. Spoiler alert: it's my favorite! It's been fun experimenting with the products. :)

Reading more widely

Ahh, I'm moving this! I read Corrupt by Penelope Douglas, which is a dark erotic romance. I used to shy away so much from erotic romance, but after reading so much NA and some Megan Erickson books, I just don't feel weird about reading the genre anymore. I've also read some manga (Mamotte! Lollipop, Death Note, Black Butler, Kodocha, and a sampling of Tokyo Ghoul) and graphic novels/comic compilations (Saga and Y: The Last Man). I'm starting to get more into exploring my local library, which will help me get more into nonfiction. I read a graphic memoir and am currently reading about artificial intelligence. There's a lot of possible topics to explore: food, business, books about books, history, culture, etc. (Heyy, I could tie in my nonfiction choices into more personal posts in the future. I'll have to remember that!) There's also audio books! I'm going to start my second one of the year before too long. Then there's adult fiction and classics, though I haven't actually read any classics this year yet. I'm still reading YA, but I'm currently being swept up in the excitement of reading a bunch of books that I haven't heard much about. I've read YA for so long and have stayed on top of new releases for a few years. I don't get as big of a rush from discovering new YA as much as I used to because I already know about so many of the titles.

A Couple Things I Want To Try
Sushi - I'm not a fan of seafood, but I want to give it a try sometime. I could cheat and go with something that doesn't have seafood, but I feel like that's not the same?

Getting my hair professionally cut - You know how I said I've always struggled with my hair? Well, I've mainly struggled with anyone touching my head and doing anything with my hair. The last time I got a hair cut from anyone besides my mom (who isn't a hair stylist) was...over ten years ago? I want to try layers, but I also really want to get over this stupid reluctance to let someone else touch my head. I did let my friend curl (attempt to at least) and style my hair the other day, so I can feel myself getting over it.

Have you tried anything new lately?? Was it fun? Do you have any recommendations for what I should try based on what I included in this post? It can be a book rec or a makeup thing or even a recipe!

Psst...also, do you like this kind of post? This was pretty fun to write. Okay, I'm done inundating you with questions. :D

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