Saturday, May 21, 2016

Two Months Later | An Anime Update

I skipped posting an update in April because I didn't have much to add. I had finished maybe one anime since since March 20th. But now, I've finished four since then! My computer issues put a hamper on most of my anime watching, so I'm slowly moving through series.

Finished in The Last Two Months
Parasyte (24 ep) - I liked this! It moved a bit slowly for me, but the concept of a parasite coming to take over the guy's body, but missing and taking over his hand was pretty cool. I liked watching Shinichi change throughout the show. He really struggled with his humanity and his emotions! There are some really sad moments in this anime, too.

Food Wars season 1 (24 ep) - I think this is the first ecchi anime I've finished! This anime featured a lot of sexual reactions to food that were kinda funny (it's a comedy after all), but got repetitive after awhile. Some of the descriptions to food got repetitive, too, and went on and on and on. I got annoyed during those moments, but for the most part, I really enjoyed watching this! It was pretty fun. And so easy to binge watch.

Toradora! (25 ep) - THIS IS SO CUTE. I adored this one soooo much. I haven't had many anime ships yet, but Taiga and Ryuugi are my top ones right now. I loved how they slowly grew comfortable with each other and became really close friends.

Another (12 ep) - Oh, creeeeepyyy. This one was quiet and eerie and so bloody. Things got crazy. I spent the last couple episodes wanting to cover my eyes because it was getting scary, know. Subtitles. I loved the art in this one!

Currently Watching
Fruits Basket (2/26 ep) - This hasn't hooked me yet, but I really like the characters! Something about the art isn't sitting well with me, but I'll get used to it. Tooru has made a good impression on me. She so nice and thoughtful!

What to Watch Next?
I have no idea what I'll watch next! O_O I'm going to be watching a bunch of anime with a friend this weekend and it's always my choice, but I'm probably going to take forever to settle on an answer. We'll probably watch a bunch of Fruits Basket. She's a fan of it and loves to rewatch shows.

Oh, wait. Studio Ghibli films...I should probably get to a couple of those... I've seen Kiki's Delivery Service (maybe a year ago, as an attempt from friends to get me into anime), but nothing else. During two of the most recent times I hung out with my friend, we meant to watch a film but ended up just watching an anime instead. :D 

That's it for this update! Have you seen any of these? What are your favorite Studio Ghibli films?

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