Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thank You

I know I don't do this enough, but I need to say it: thank you.

It's been a tough year of blogging for me. My mood and all the time I spend worrying about things have played a huge role and a lot of changes have been made in order to keep blogging comfortable for me. Post types that I did more last year (like author features and book hauls) have either disappeared or slowed. Many of the posts have had a more reflective element than usual. I failed with responding to comments in a timely for the most part and haven't been super active in the community. I've taken a LOT of Twitter breaks. Post frequency has decreased by quite a bit and there are weeks when I simply don't post at all. Formatting and post titles have had their fair share of changes.

The place this blog was at this time last year and this year feels pretty different to me. I don't know how noticeable it has been to anyone who's been following since then, but from my perspective, there's been a lot of alterations and associated changing pains to go along with it. And there will be even bigger changes in this next year! (Hint: I'm not sure when it'll be implemented, but I have a new blog name set in stone! I'll keep it a secret, but...*whispers* the initials are AMR. But didn't hear that from me.)

Ultimately, the changes have felt really good for me and this blog, even if I've struggled a lot with adjusting to them. I was never completely alone during those struggles, though, which brings me to the entire point of this post:

Thank you to anyone who has paid attention to this blog. Thank you to older followers who have stuck around after changes have been made and to newer readers for giving this blog a shot. Thank you for all the comments, conversations, and support.

Thank you for being here!!

It's been a rocky year for this blog, but I still say it's a good one because of you guys. :)

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