Friday, July 29, 2016

Return to Blogging + New Title!

Apparently I've only been on an official break since June 27th and that feels so weird to me. It feels like I haven't really blogged in forever, but it also doesn't feel like it hasn't been a long time. Anyway, I'm finally implementing the blog changes that I've hinted at for . . . ever? I came up with the title on March 16th and tried to keep it a surprise for as long as possible. But some complications arose and pushed back changes and I'm simply not that patient! I've tweeted about this change quite a bit because of that. :D


What's Up With This Title?

I wanted a title that would help me embrace my weird and random side, and since I usually don't wear matching socks, "mismatched" felt like the perfect word. Plus, it allows me to play with mismatching elements in my posts and design (which is good because I like to play around with those things)! That's a much shorter explanation than I thought I would finally post. :D I started searching for a new title because I felt desperate for a change--and again, something to help me embrace my weird and random side. I wanted something that represented how I feel in my life right now (which is not completely fitting in anywhere) as well and I'm pretty happy with the title I came up with!

I may have also been requested to use "Mismatched" in my new blog title. :)

But Kaitlin, WHERE'S THE PURPLE?!?!???

I'm deliberately leaving purple off my design for now. *gasps from the audience* Purple is usually what my blog is known for and it's been purple for three years. I'm the one with a purple blog. I say "my blog is probably know for the color purple" and responses are "that makes sense" (I'm not quoting any specific conversation--why are the quote marks there?--shhhhh...just pretend they make sense). And when I ask what people associate my blog with, the answer is usually "purple." While I usually laugh along with those sentiments, when I mull over those words later, I find that I'm not very happy with that. The color tells you nothing about my personality or my posts or blogging style or life or anything. It's...a color. It's not me. So, I'm switching up my color scheme in the hope that it'll help people remember my blog more for its content than a color I love.

Speaking of the design, I'm excited that I found a background from The Cutest Blog on the Block that I'm happy with! It has some mismatching parts to it and adds a nice pop of color to this blog. Thank you to those that run that site for providing free resources. :)

Any Other Changes in Store for the Blog?

Not really. I'm switching my weekly updates to a simple Hey, What's Up? feature and I may start posting for Top 5 Wednesday and Monthly Recommendations. I altered some of my pages and installed a new commenting system. (I had some troubles with it, so a bunch of comments might be missing at the moment. I'm working on importing them!) I may do something extra with reviews, but I'm not sure yet. So...yeah, not much is really changing outside of the name and appearance.

I will say that this design isn't set in stone. I'll be doing little alterations here and there if I'm bothered by anything and I definitely want to get a nice header. There's the chance that I'll get a different design sometime in the next year, but I'm not 100 percent sure if it'll happen or not.

That's all I have to say for the moment! I'm pretty excited to be back to blogging! A break was just what I needed and I'm excited to start posting again. Plus, I have a new laptop and am enjoying drafting posts on a computer again. :)

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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