Thursday, August 11, 2016

Anime I've Been Wanting to Watch

Hey, it's not a book post! I have a lot of fun talking about anime and I'm finding that having only one post every month or every two months isn't nearly enough for me. I LOVE discussing anime and I really liked reading and replying to the comments on my last update.

These are the anime that I've been eyeing the most lately and really want to start soon. Whether I actually DO that...well, that depends on time and mood. :D

Death Parade - 12 episodes
I've been watching a lot of anime on Hulu and this is one that pops up often in my recommended section. It's not a new discovery, but I haven't had as much interest in it as I do now. Like Angel Beats, this one is set in the afterlife. This one is set in a bar where pairs are challenged to games to decide whether they'll see reincarnation or oblivion. It sounds like a nice twist! I'm intrigued to see how the psychological elements are done.

Elfed Lied - 13 episodes
This first caught my eye when I was browsing MyAnimeList and noticed how high it ranked on the popularity list, but I didn't look into it very much. But I recently discovered that it's on Hulu and now I'm really intrigued, especially now that I'm looking further into what it's about.
Lucy is a psychopathic killer with powers beyond any humans. Nyu is a helpless child with no memories. Both could not be farther apart, but both find themselves inside the same body. Two students that have taken in Nyu find their world being turned around as the government sets out to kill Lucy. A strange story of romance and chaos as innocence and darkness collide in a series like nothing you’ve ever seen.
Whoa, okay. I'll watch that soon. I think I saw a clip saying this one was a really bloody anime, but I'm not sure. I guess it's a good thing that I can handle that?

English: When They Cry
Do you sense a theme here?? I discovered this while searching for psychological anime (obviously I'm in the mood for that) and noticed that it had a pretty high MAL rating. And it's on Hulu! Why hadn't I heard of this one before?! I don't know much about this one other than there are murders and disappearances connected to a festival and a village's patron god. I'm pretty sure it's primarily horror, so . . . yeah. I'm not going to watch this at night.

Fairy Tail - 200+ Episodes
The longest anime I've seen have been 51 episodes, so you can say that I'm intimidated by the really long ones. I'm not interested in the majority of them, but I like the art and idea of Fairy Tail. I would like to watch a good chunk of the first season this month (first part, whatever--I'm not entirely sure how the show is split up or if it's just two giant seasons). So, 48-ish episodes. If I have any hope of watching that much this month, I should probably start soon...

School Days - 12 episodes
Do you ever want to watch or read something solely because you've heard it's really BAD? I'm okay with spoilers for some anime, so I know what happens in this one and I'm just curious about how certain events happened. I know this is vague, but let's just say that jealousy is taken a tad bit too far. And by tad, I mean wayyyy too far.

In a similar vein, I'm also eyeing Diabolik Lovers because I want to see how long I'll make it before I quit watching, but . . . I'm not prepared yet. I've seen clips and have heard about some of the things that happen in the anime, and I'm expecting to cringe. A lot. But I really like to (occasionally) push myself and see what my limit is. 

Rewrite - currently airing
My interest is based solely on the key image and a trailer. I don't really . . . get what it's supposed to be about? I'm a bit confused on that and it seems like it's not very well received so far (just from looking at MAL), but IT LOOKS SO PRETTY. Yes. I will watch an anime because it looks pretty. I'm okay with that. I think it's halfway aired, so I may sample this one soon.

English: Your Lie in April
I might as well include this one! I've been pushing this one off because I know it's sad (and I kinda already know why). I read the first volume of the manga and really enjoyed it, though. The art in this anime looks absolutely stunning. So, I just need to suck it up and start watching it already!!

Have you seen any of these? Which should I start the soonest? Do you have any recs based on this list?

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