Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Authors I'm Waiting on Another Book From | Top 5 Wednesday

I'm trying a new meme this month! I see this often on booktube and have been wanting to join in as soon as my blog title was changed. Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. Topics and info are posted in the Goodreads group, in case you want to look further into this.

This week's topic is . . .

Authors I'm Waiting on Another Book From

Though most of these authors DO have books out that I haven't read yet, I'm still eagerly waiting for their whatever they release next! These aren't in any particular order.

K.A. Tucker
I seem to like K.A. Tucker's writing more and more with each book I read! I especially like how she does suspense. I recently read He Will Be My Ruin and was on the edge of my seat as I tried to figure out the mystery. I NEEDED to know how close my theories were. One of her 2017 releases is We Sold Our Souls, which is pitched as Making a Murderer meets Scandal.

Julia Ember
Julia is a really nice person and is so good at pushing queer lit and diverse books! I liked Unicorn Tracks and would love to read more from her. The concepts, characters, and story in her debut were fresh! She's publishing a fantasy called Tiger's Watch next year and it sounds GREAT! Like Unicorn Tracks, that one also features LGBTQIA characters and pairings, including gq/m, m/m, and f/f.

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
This is the second post I'm featuring Firsts on this week! (There's one more coming in a couple days.) It's the best book I've read all year! A couple other books have come close, but none of them have left quite the same lasting impact as Firsts. I would LOVE to read another book by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn! I don't have any idea when that will happen, so I guess I'll be rereading her debut a couple times as I wait...

Ryan Graudin
Ryan Graudin's books keep getting stronger and stronger! I wasn't a big fan of All That Glows, but The Walled City was much better--and more exciting. Then I fell in love with Wolf by Wolf within a few PAGES. I'll be reading Iron to Iron (which is out) and Blood for Blood next, but I'm also really excited to see what new standalone or series she releases next. She's a very creative author and I really want see what other ideas she has!

Kathleen Glasgow
Kathleen Glasgow writes so powerfully. I immediately loved Girl in Pieces (releasing August 30th) not because of the story or characters, but because of her writing. Then of course I loved the story and characters shortly after. But it was the writing that first gave me the feeling that I was reading a fantastically crafted story. I can't wait to see what she writes next!!

There you go! That's my first Top 5 Wednesday. ☺ What authors are you waiting on another book from?? If you also posted something for the topic, please leave your link so I can check it out!

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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