Saturday, August 27, 2016

Possible Reads For #IndieReadathon2016 + #Slowathon

There are two readathons happening soon that I'm really excited about! The first is the #IndieReadathon2016, which is hosted by Sarah @ Words With Sarah, Lacey @ Booklovers for Life, and Angie @ Angie and Jessica’s Dreamy Reads. It's centered on reading independently published books, which I've been wanting to do more of. I have plenty to read, so I just need to push myself into action. This is taking place from August 28th through September 12th. For more info about the readathon and sign ups, go here.

The second one is the #Slowathon, which is hosted by Marlin from MarlinElena. It's all about quality over quantity. There are prompts, but they're more like ideas for things to try in order to enrich the reading experience. I looovvee this idea and I definitely want to participate in it at least for a little bit. I'll be reading anyway, so why not? This one takes place from September 12th through 18th. You can watch the announcement video here.

#IndieReadathon2016 TBR Options

These are three I'm almost definitely reading! I just read Ricochet and was already planning to continue with the series quickly. I know I could focus primarily on reading the rest of the series, buuuut that's way more binge reading than I'm up to right now. :D Beginnings is a prequel novella that will end my Razia journey. *cries* There's rereading, but it's not the same!

If I wasn't excited for the readathon, I sure am now! Looking through my ebooks reminded me how many amazing looking indie books I've been sitting on. I don't see myself getting to many of these during the readathon because of my giant library book stack and long ARC list, but this will bump up lots of books up my TBR so I may get to them sooner outside of the readathon.

All that said, WHAT SHOULD I READ? And do you have any indie recs? I'm always open for them! 

#Slowathon Prompts
Eight prompts are given! Numbers 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are in blue because those are the ones I'm most interested in. Buddy reading sounds good too, but I'm not entirely sure if I would be able to do that since, well, I don't have any buddy reads planned. These can be modified to your liking or you can even create your own prompts.

1) Read a book and mark it up! (Tabs, notes, underlining, etc.)
2) Create something inspired by the book you're reading! (Examples: write a poem, a song, do a sketch, a dance routine, a painting...)
3) Do a buddy read (with booktube or real life freinds) and discuss the book!
4) Read a book out loud (to someone or just to yourself.)
5) Read a book that intimidates you!
6) Reread a book and compare your reading experiences.
7) Read a book and review it on your platform of choice during the readathon week.
8) Read a book, then read secondary literature on it. Or a retelling/variation of the first book.

As for possible reads . . . I have a lot of options. I'm sure my mood will be different by the time the readathon begins, so I'm not going to set up much of a TBR.

Specifically for Number Eight
I'm not going to read all of Grimm's Fairy Tales, but I would like to read some of the original stories (or as close to them as I can get) and compare them to Philip Pullman's updated versions. It sounds like it'll be fun! I'll probably start doing that before the Slowathon even begins because the Philip Pullman book is from the library and I know I'll be spending a lot of time comparing the stories.

Possible Rereads
I've been wanting to reread a bunch of romances I read back in 2011 (and from 2013 since that's when I read The Edge of Never). It was a reallly good reading year, so who knows? Maybe I'll end up rereading more than one for the readathon. . . . I'm hoping to review whatever I reread, but I can't promise anything.

So. Many. Books. September will be a good month. ☺ Are you participating in either of these readathons? Are you participating in any different readathons?

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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