Friday, August 19, 2016

The Growing Middle Grade TBR

Normally, I would post recommendations instead of just what I want to read, but um. That requires me to have enough recs! I haven't been attracted to the category for years--since I was in middle school, probably--but as my interests have been shifting throughout the year, I've found that I'm becoming more and more interested in MG.

I don't know about you, MG books look like they hold a certain charm that is absent in most of YA and adult. Maybe it's a youthful charm? Or maybe it's just the illustrations on the covers giving that impression? The ones I want to read the most seem like the type that I could sink into and read with wide-eyed wonder. Like going through the wardrobe to Narnia! These books like a lot of FUN and that sounds soooo refreshing. A lot of YA is feeling . . . slightly boring, lately. A lot of the plotlines and twists and characters have been giving me this "been there done that" feeling and it's been slightly disappointing. :( I think I've just read so much YA that, as my interests are shifting, some of its shininess has faded.

Anyway, below are the majority of the MG I'm interested in right now. I know some could be considered YA or a MG/YA mix, but all of these have given me the impression that their intended audience is MG or children's.

I haven't heard much about Hour of the Bees in a while, but I remember all the buzz (ha, sorry not sorry) about it around the time it released. Julia Ember recommended The Girl of Ink and Stars to me! Also, she said the UK edition is super, super pretty. I saw it in a booksandpieces book haul and YES. It's gorgeous!!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon seems to be getting some fantastic reviews, though there aren't a ton of ratings yet since it's an August release. The title and cover alone make me so intrigued. It sounds like just the type of fun, magical MG that I could get lost in. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is another one I can see myself getting lost in! I've heard a lot about this one on booktube. It's one of the most popular MG novels I've seen on there and every time I see it mentioned, I get more curious.

Furthermore and The Shrunken Head mainly interest me because I love Tahereh Mafi and Lauren Oliver's books. I haven't paid much attention to reviews, but the ones I've read/seen have been pretty good. Ravenous isn't high up on the TBR, but I really liked Monstrous! I wouldn't mind reading the companion and diving back into the world MarcyKate created.

Brown Girl Dreaming is the only nonfiction MG on this list. Whenever I hear about this one, I hear that it's absolutely fantastic. Plus, it won soooo many awards and is written in VERSE. Yay, poetry! (I really mean that. I think I'm a fan of poetry.)

I won an ARC of The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal as well as a gift card and some swag over at Eli's MG-based blog, Tweens Read Too, and I'm pretty excited about it!! (That's what inspired me to put this post together, actually.) This book is a mystery set in London. It apparently has a touch of magic and some nods to Sherlock. I'm getting fun vibes from the cover. 

I'm currently borrowing Howl's Moving Castle from a friend, so I'm reading it soon! The anime adaptation is my second favorite Studio Ghibli films so far (Spirited Away being first *insert heart eyes*). I felt like I DID have a Narnia experience while watching that because of all the fantastical and fun elements. I know the book will be pretty different, but I'm still expecting to enjoy reading it. The sequels could belong on this list, too, but I don't know if I'll be interested in them until I read the first book.

The School for Good and Evil is one I'll potentially borrow from the same friend. I've been eyeing it for a long time, but haven't made any efforts to read it. It's set in a school where students are "trained to be fairy tail heroes and villains." Ahh, I love settings like that!

That's the majority of my TBR, I believe! Have you read any of these? What MG books would you like to read?

I'm willing to do more posts like this (recommendations/TBRs of specific genres or types of books),  so if you would like to see me do any more, just let me know.

Happy Reading! ~ Kaitlin ☺

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